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I write ‘women’s commercial fiction’ –why is my work still seen as inferior to men’s?

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In the four months since my first novel came out, I’ve had the same conversation probably a dozen times. “What’s it about?” a well-meaning stranger will ask. "Bien,” I’ll reply, “it’s the story of a woman choosing bet...

Pakistan airline to resume commercial flights to Kabul

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Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) will resume commercial flights next week from Islamabad to Kabul, a spokesperson confirmed, becoming the first foreign country to start flight operations since the Taliban took co...

First commercial rocket due to be launched from Australia later in 2021

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Australia’s first commercial rocket launch will take place in South Australia this year, after receiving approval from the federal government. Australian space company Southern Launch will send a Taiwanese rocket into...

Pentagon orders commercial airlines to help in Afghanistan evacuations

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Activating a plan used only twice before, the Biden administration on Sunday ordered the use of commercial aircraft to help ferry people evacuated from Afghanistan. Chaotic scenes continue at the airport in Kabul, a ...

Commercial pilots: were you made redundant during the pandemic?

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We’re interested to hear from commercial pilots and cabin crew who were made redundant during the pandemic. Have you been able to find new employment as a pilot or cabin crew? Have you switched to freight airlines or ...

Ex-SpaceX engineers in race to build first commercial electric speedboat

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A team of former SpaceX rocket engineers have joined the race to build the first commercial electric speedboat. The Arc Boat company announced it had raised $4.25m (£3m) in seed funding to start work on a 24ft 475-hor...

California could launch the west coast’s first commercial offshore windfarms

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California has taken a major step towards launching the first commercial offshore wind energy program on the west coast, a project that would open the state’s waters to hundreds of floating turbines and could eventual...

The Who Sell Out: still a searing satire on pop’s commercial breakdown

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Estos días, we think of the period between 1965 y 1967 as one of white-hot musical progress, a dizzying three-year period during which innovation followed innovation, a succession of totemic albums and singles were ...

How commercial lobbying is corrupting our political culture

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There is a telling passage in David Cameron’s statement in defence of his lobbying for Greensill Capital: “Part of my motivation for accepting the role was my desire to work for a UK-based, entrepreneurial, early-stag...