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Bristol University sacks professor accused of antisemitic comments

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The University of Bristol has sacked a sociology professor accused of antisemitic comments following a high-profile investigation and after Jewish students said they felt “unsafe and unprotected” on campus. The univer...

More public figures expected to turn off Facebook comments after Australian defamation ruling

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The Tasmanian premier Peter Gutwein’s decision not to allow comments on some Facebook posts is likely just the beginning of the broader ramifications of a high court decision on liability for third-party comments on s...

Badenoch’s empire comments speak to the enduring mentality of colonialism

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In every single country that was ever under British rule, you will find a significant number of people who praise colonialism or claim they would willingly welcome back the British. It’s a sort of meme – half joke, hy het...

John McEnroe stands by Wimbledon comments on Emma Raducanu

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John McEnroe was criticised heavily after his comments about Emma Raducanu when she retired from Wimbledon in July, but the American said he was “very supportive” of her at the time and praised the Briton for her stun...

Texas governor accused of ‘deep ignorance’ after abortion comments – live

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Greg Abbott said women still had six weeks to seek a termination under a controversial law – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called his remarks ‘disgusting’

Ofcom clears Piers Morgan over Meghan comments

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The media watchdog has ruled that Piers Morgan’s criticism of the Duchess of Sussex on ITV’s Good Morning Britain did not breach the broadcasting code despite a record number of complaints about his comments. Morgan, ...

Tech stocks lift Wall Street to new highs after Fed’s stimulus comments

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Technology stocks have lifted Wall Street to record highs after the US Federal Reserve’s dovish comments eased fears of a sudden tapering in monetary stimulus and boosted optimism around an economic recovery. Apple ju...

Dutch literary prize ceremony cancelled over winner’s Desi Bouterse comments

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Five months ago, Astrid Roemer became the first author from Suriname, a former Dutch colony in South America, to win the prestigious Dutch-language literary award the Prijs der Nederlandse Letteren, and was praised by...

Experts defend electric cars after Allegra Stratton comments

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Electric car experts have rallied to the defence of the vehicles after suggestions from a government spokeswoman that they were unsuitable for long journeys. Electric cars have an average range of about 200 myl, sui...

Lollapalooza drops DaBaby performance after homophobic comments

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Lollapalooza cancelled a Chicago performance by the rapper DaBaby on Sunday because, the music festival said, it was “founded on diversity, inclusivity, respect and love”. “With that in mind, DaBaby will no longer be ...

ESPN takes Rachel Nichols off NBA finals duty after leaked comments

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ESPN has replaced Rachel Nichols as its sideline reporter for the NBA finals following a report detailing critical comments she made about Black colleague Maria Taylor. The network announced Tuesday that Malika Andre...

Howard University: Phylicia Rashad’s Bill Cosby comments ‘lacked sensitivity’

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Howard University said the dean of its arts school, the actor and director Phylicia Rashad, “lacked sensitivity” in her elated response to her former TV co-star Bill Cosby’s release from prison. Pennsylvania’s supreme...

Algemene huisartse rook omdat hulle die AstraZeneca-entstofverwarring oorskry na die 'onbehulpsame' kommentaar van die premier

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Algemene praktisyns sê hulle word "gelos om die gemors te hou" wat geskep is deur die verwarde en teenstrydige uitsprake oor die AstraZeneca-entstof., wat dit vir hulle moeiliker maak om ingeligte toestemming van pat te verkry ...

UK criticises Leo Varadkar over united Ireland comments

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The British government has rebuked Ireland’s deputy prime minister, Leo Varadkar, for saying he believed there could be a united Ireland within his lifetime. Brandon Lewis, the Northern Ireland secretary, told the Com...

Oggendpos: Victoria braces for lockdown, Sky News attracts racist comments, Boris Johnson ‘unfit’ to be PM

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Goeie more. Coronavirus continues to dominate local and international headlines, as Victoria contemplates strict measures once again, and US intelligence probes the pandemic’s origins. Victoria appears set to re-ent...

Kimmel on Marjorie Taylor Greene’s mask mandate comments: ‘What’s wrong with this woman?’

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It’s America’s vaccinated summer – venues are open to vaccinated audiences, masks are coming off, en, as Jimmy Kimmel explained Monday evening, stores are slashing prices of hand sanitizer to get a glut of product of...

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