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Sinn Féin commemoration of IRA hunger striker provokes backlash

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Sinn Féin is facing a political backlash for commemorating a dead IRA hunger striker but failing to acknowledge the fate of a young mother who burned to death in one of his bombs. Politicians from other parties and co...

Minister apologises for black and Asian war dead commemoration failures

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The defence secretary has apologised for Britain’s failure to properly commemorate tens of thousands of black and Asian soldiers who died serving the country , and pledged to explore “decolonising” schools’ teaching o...

Scandal of unequal commemoration of UK’s WW1 dead known about ‘for years’

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The failure to properly commemorate hundreds of thousands of black and Asian troops who died fighting for the British empire has been known about for years, the head of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) hy het...