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‘We had the Spice Girls’: the two comics unpicking ladette culture

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When Shaparak Khorsandi’s teenage son recently discovered 90s music – the Shamen’s Ebeneezer Good, Pulp and more – he had questions for her. What did Jarvis Cocker mean when he sang “I seem to have left an important p...

No straight lines: Alison Bechdel and the unstoppable rise of queer comics

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Among other things, the story of LGBTQ+ liberation is a story of spaces. For as long as the LGBTQ+ community has sought freedom and equality, it has been essential for this group to have places both concrete and metap...

DC Comics swaps Superman motto ‘the American way’ with ‘a Better Tomorrow’

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Following the revelations that the new DC Comics version of Superman is bisexual, the company has now gone a step further and said it would be removing the phrase “American way” as part of the Man of Steel’s mantra. T ...

DC Comics reveals latest Superman as bisexual in new issue

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Jonathan Kent, the new iteration of Superman, is bisexual, according to DC Comics. The traditionally heterosexual superhero will embark on a same-sex relationship with a friend in a new comic. Kent, who is the son of ...

Rewriting extinction: Ricky Gervais joins celebrities creating comics to save species

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Ricky Gervais is the latest celebrity to join an ambitious year-long storytelling campaign called Rewriting Extinction with the launch of a comic called Bullfight. Since it launched in June, meer as 300 celebrities,...

TV vanaand: French and Saunders on their top female comics

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Revisiting the set of their groundbreaking sketch show, Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders host this compilation special, picking out their favourite clips from formative female comics and exploring the impact they ha...

¡Kapow! Batman takes holiday in Benidorm in DC Comics anthology

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Given his 82 long years of rooftop vigilantism, the dank, lonely surroundings of his home office – not to mention the tickly throat irritation caused by all those growled threats – few would begrudge Batman some sun, ...

‘It was her story’: Riad Sattouf on the real girl behind his Esther comics

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“My name is Esther and I am nine years old. I live in Paris in the 17th arrondissement.” So starts the story of Esther, a girl growing up in the French capital, whose slice-of-life tales have been a huge hit across th...