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‘I’m literally an X-Man’ – is trans comic Jordan Gray the next stage of human evolution?

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‘I decided that I wanted to be a comedian on live TV,” says screenwriter and standup Jordan Gray. Era 2016 and she was competing on The Voice as the talent show’s first transgender contestant in the UK under the mo...

‘One of the best comic creations of the last 10 years’: Matt Berry is back as Steven Toast

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Steven Toast is the Fellini of failure. He’s an actor who can empty a theatre faster than a teargas canister. He’s a more disastrous on-set presence than an Omicron outbreak. And – after six years – he brazenly swagg...

Alfie Brown: Sensitive Man review – contrarian comic with a devilish twinkle

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Comedy audiences, we’re told, are too sensitive these days. Non così, says Alfie Brown: they’re righteous, which isn’t the same thing. True sensitivity would be openness to nuance, to the grey areas between the black-an...

Cherry Jezebel – Liverpool’s drag queens offer a darkly comic night of the soul

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There is a line of Merseyside humour that runs directly to Jonathan Larkin from Alan Bleasdale, Willy Russell and Lily Savage. The author of Cherry Jezebel, a high-velocity comedy about after-hours queer culture, comb...

Comic Alistair Green on his middle England satire: ‘I don’t want to be really mean’

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Even if he wanted to, Alistair Green can’t redecorate his living room. The plain white walls that backdrop the comic’s sketches – and our Zoom call – are as much a trademark of his material as the range of deluded mid...

Comic heroes, gameshow hosts and space probes: take the Thursday quiz

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The quiz master is away, recuperating from his recent exertions at the Winter Olympics. per fortuna, before he left, he passed a crumpled piece of paper into the hands of one poor overworked member of Guardian product...

Comic Jamie MacDonald on being creative and blind: ‘It’s triumph with – not over – adversity’

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I’m a blind standup comedian, currently co-starring in the BBC Two documentary Blind Ambition. As the title suggests, the show is about blindness. But please don’t think this is a violins, tissues at the ready, “oh di...

Crossword blog: Meet the Setter – TV’s Dave Gorman, standup comic with a cryptic alter ego

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A setter who first appeared during the pandemic is Bluth, whose sometimes topical clues have appeared in our roundups. Bluth is now also Django, as well as the comedian Dave Gorman, and is many puzzles in to his setti...

How comic genius Charlie Chaplin survived his hungry childhood

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The extreme poverty endured by Charlie Chaplin while growing up in the slums of Victorian London reduced him to stealing and being scolded by the woman who took care of him, according to an interview with one of his c...

Come la serie a fumetti Pickwick di Dickens ha riunito i suoi fan

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Come la serie a fumetti Pickwick di Dickens ha riunito i suoi fan, Come la serie a fumetti Pickwick di Dickens ha riunito i suoi fan, Come la serie a fumetti Pickwick di Dickens ha riunito i suoi fan, Come la serie a fumetti Pickwick di Dickens ha riunito i suoi fan.

Memphis may have the sweetest water in the world, but toxic waste could ruin it all – a comic

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This article was supported by the Economic Hardship Reporting Project, a non-profit dedicated to support reporting on American financial struggle. Hundreds of feet below the city of Memphis, twittato di recente, an enormous col...

Mental health memes are everywhere – can they offer more than comic relief?

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quando, more than a decade ago, I was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, I turned to the internet to learn more about my condition. allora, the effects of trauma weren’t exactly unknown, but they weren’t ...

The Forgiven review – Chastain and Fiennes light up darkly comic thriller

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There’s an unusual, intoxicating air to writer-director John Michael McDonagh’s latest, and splashiest, film The Forgiven, a wrong-footing combination of crime thriller, dark comedy and shaggy hangout movie. It’s a st...

Tintin’s world adventure: comic strip hero joins the Smurfs on new Belgian passport

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Trees, eagles, bears, turrets and towers: passport designs used to follow certain conventions. Not any more. From Monday, all new Belgian passports will feature Tintin, the Smurfs and other heroes of Belgian comic-str...

TV stasera: comic catastrophe in a country house caper

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A welcome return for the heroically overambitious Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society, whose misconceived genre pieces, scenery-chewing performances and internal power struggles create exquisitely calibrated chaos. Ton...

Two Horsemen review – a duo locked in fearful comic limbo

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Two men stew in the confinement of a shabby room. Speaking of diluvial floods and horrors outside that sound like a biblical end of days, they struggle to make sense of a world out there that is disturbed, desolate an...

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