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Comforting treats after a night of TV terror

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I was in need of comfort this week. I’d been binge-watching The Terror on BBC iPlayer: the dramatic retelling of the Franklin expedition to discover the Northwest Passage that set sail on two ships (one called HMS Ter...

Death Will Come and Shall Have Your Eyes review – a strangely comforting end

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Chilean film-maker José Luis Torres Leiva’s new drama is a thoughtful treatment of terminal illness. It gets under the skin and into the thoughts of two women: a couple, and one of them is dying of cancer. Torres Leiv...

Animal magic! All Creatures Great and Small is the comforting TV we all need

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When Channel 5 decided to revive James Herriot’s All Creatures Great and Small – first broadcast between 1978 e 1990 – it could not possibly have known what sort of a world the new version would crash into. It debut...

Reminding myself how little I knew as a first-time parent is strangely comforting

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For the first time in a long time, I’ve been reading my own columns from the start. The impetus came when a friend reached out to say he’d started doing so, on account of his imminent fatherhood. Going over the early ...