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Funny Pages review – a deliciously dark coming-of-age comedy

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As a child actor, Owen Kline played Jesse Eisenberg’s kid brother in The Squid and the Whale, Noah Baumbach’s excruciating comedy about a middle-class New York family wrecked by divorce, with Jeff Daniels and Laura Li...

When You Finish Saving the World review – Jesse Eisenberg’s sweet coming-of-age comedy drama

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Jesse Eisenberg was Oscar-nominated for his fast-talking turn as Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network – a performance that persuaded the world to think of the Facebook supremo as a garrulous, injured soul. He is also...

Senior Year review – Rebel Wilson fails Netflix high school comedy

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The spirit of sparky high school comedies, from Never Been Kissed to Mean Girls to Easy A, haunts Netflix’s junky “if you like…” offering Senior Year, with a progressively deafening reminder of what came before. For w...

‘It feels like a mushroom trip’: this cult sci-fi comedy is a phenomenal TV treat

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Kate Purdy sits upright, bespectacled and sensibly dressed, in a room containing an intimidatingly vast writing desk, completely unaware of how excited I am to see her. The second season of Undone, the mind-bending me...

‘Comedy is a powerful recruitment tool’: how the US rightwing use laughs for vast influence

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In Januarie, Neil Young gave Spotify an ultimatum: it’s me or Joe Rogan. The streaming giant picked Rogan, the comedian who was accused of spreading vaccine misinformation on his podcast. Days later, compilations of th...

Chivalry review – Steve Coogan and Sarah Solemani’s immensely satisfying #MeToo comedy

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There is an undoubted sense in which new Channel 4 series Chivalry, co-written by and co-starring Steve Coogan and Sarah Solemani, asks the question, “What if Alan Partridge were a successful Hollywood producer in the...

om heeltyd sensitief vir ander mense se gevoelens te wees, kan moeilik en stresvol wees

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om heeltyd sensitief vir ander mense se gevoelens te wees, kan moeilik en stresvol wees, om heeltyd sensitief vir ander mense se gevoelens te wees, kan moeilik en stresvol wees, om heeltyd sensitief vir ander mense se gevoelens te wees, kan moeilik en stresvol wees. om heeltyd sensitief vir ander mense se gevoelens te wees, kan moeilik en stresvol wees, om heeltyd sensitief vir ander mense se gevoelens te wees, kan moeilik en stresvol wees.

Onderwysersvakbond NEU waarsku teen klaskamerkultuuroorloë: Onderwysersvakbond NEU waarsku teen klaskamerkultuuroorloë

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Onderwysersvakbond NEU waarsku teen klaskamerkultuuroorloë, Onderwysersvakbond NEU waarsku teen klaskamerkultuuroorloë. Onderwysersvakbond NEU waarsku teen klaskamerkultuuroorloë.

C’est Drôle! Netflix’s Standing Up is a love letter to Paris’s comedy scene

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Is there a gap in the market for an ensemble TV show about comedians’ lives? At least since Seinfeld, there has been no shortage of telly shows about standup, tangentially or otherwise, from Louie to Hacks, and from I...

The Bubble review – Judd Apatow’s star stuffed pandemic comedy runs out of puff

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There are two or three or possibly four laughs in Judd Apatow’s extremely long Netflix comedy about movie celebrity and the pandemic, which features a range of American and British talent. The troubled cast members of...

Plaza Suite review – Sarah Jessica Parker sells Neil Simon’s marriage comedy

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A junior suite at the Plaza Hotel will run you about $1,400 a night. Which makes the $599 that you will spend on an orchestra seat for the Broadway revival of Plaza Suite almost a bargain. Then again, Broadway doesn’t...

TV vanaand: Tom Allen at the helm of a new nautical comedy gameshow

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In this new comedy gameshow, Capt Tom Allen is running a fantasy ship – except the ship has sunk and passengers Sara Pascoe, Johnny Vegas, Ninia Benjamin and Ahir Shah each need to run to a nearby desert island and wi...

TV vanaand: Jane Horrocks and Samson Kayo return in hit-and-miss comedy Bloods

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The reaction to the first season of this ambulance depot comedy was tepid, but a strong cast of top comic actors (Lucy Punch, Jane Horrocks, Julian Barratt and Samson Kayo, to name a few) surely deserves this second o...

‘I’m a TV producer’s dream!’ – Rosie Jones on the trouble with being the poster girl for disabled comedy

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I’m writing this article from a lovely cafe in Poole, Victoriaanse herdershut is vir £16 000 verkoop namate die hut se aantrekkingskrag toeneem, and a sweet man has just asked for a photo with me. He’s a fan, he claims. I of course say yes, but when he swipes to open his phone, it reveals that the l...

Red Rocket review – Sean Baker’s queasy comedy of a predatory, past-it porn actor

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How much do you have to like a movie’s protagonist to like a movie? That’s a question that rattled around my head as I watched Red Rocket, a comedy drama from Sean Baker, the American indie king behind empathic gems T...

The Witchfinder: even Daisy May Cooper can’t make this tedious comedy cast a spell

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Say you have been summoned to a lab and tasked with formulating the perfect British comedy. The details of the lab are not necessary for this, so stop asking. Stop asking who is funding this great experiment. It does ...

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