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Phil Jerrod, ‘spectacularly talented’ comedian, muere envejecido 42

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The comedian Phil Jerrod, known for his richly lyrical observations and tirades, delivered with surreal flights of fancy, has died from cancer aged 42. His agency, Off the Kerb, announced on Monday that Jerrod had die...

Michael Spicer: ‘I’ve never been heckled, I’m an online comedian’

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I once went to see David Kay in Edinburgh. I started laughing from the moment he came on the stage and was only able to pause for breath when he left. Christopher Morris and Peter O’Hanraha-hanrahan discuss new Europ...

Comedian Sean Lock dies aged 58

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Tributes have been paid to the comedian Sean Lock, who has died of cancer at the age of 58. Bill Bailey told the Guardian that Lock was as “brilliantly funny” off the stage as on, and that their daft conversations wou...

Comedian Kathy Griffin to undergo surgery for lung cancer ‘even though I’ve never smoked’

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Kathy Griffin has revealed that she is undergoing surgery for lung cancer and her doctors are optimistic she “should be up and running around as usual in a month or less.” The comedian took to Instagram and Twitter Mo...

US standup comedian Jackie Mason dies in New York aged 93

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Jackie Mason, a rabbi-turned-comedian whose feisty brand of standup comedy led him to Catskills nightclubs, west coast talk shows and Broadway stages, ha muerto. Él era 93. Mason died on Saturday at 6pm local time in M...

Rachel Sennott: ‘A male comedian would throw pieces of paper at my nipples. It was not fun’

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What is the most mortifying thing that has ever happened to you? A spectacular pratfall? An accidental reply all? For Danielle, the protagonist of the sublimely uncomfortable Shiva Baby, it has to be the moment when h...

Comedian Adrian Edmondson traps himself on window ledge

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While many of us have occupied ourselves during the pandemic by performing home improvements, for the comedian Adrian Edmondson the usually straightforward act of cleaning windows took an unfortunate turn for the wors...

‘He was like a comedian’: Andrew Brown’s aunt pays tribute after fatal shooting by police – video

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Glenda Brown Thomas has paid tribute to her nephew, Andrew Brown, a day after the 42-year-old was shot dead by police in North Carolina. “He had a good laugh, a nice smile. And he had good dimples ... He did not finis...

‘This feels like a breakthrough’: comedian Loyiso Gola on his new Netflix show

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It’s not every day a comedian can claim to have made history. Step forward Loyiso Gola, whose new Netflix show – its first ever standup special from Africa – was released this week. But if you’re looking for some expr...