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Vertel ons: how is your employer helping combat burnout during the pandemic?

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In a bid to help workers “destress,” Nike has provided its employees in its head office in the US a week off to recover. We would like to hear about any initiatives employers have used to encourage staff to look after...

Classrooms in England to get air quality monitors to help combat Covid

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Classrooms in England are to be fitted with air quality monitors when state schools and colleges reopen after the summer holidays, in an effort improve ventilation and combat the spread of Covid. The decision announce...

Biden and Iraqi PM to announce end to US military combat mission

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Joe Biden and the Iraqi prime minister, Mustafa al-Kadhimi, are expected to announce on Monday an agreement to end the US military combat mission in Iraq by the end of the year, according to a senior Biden administrat...

Combat staff shortages by relaxing Brexit immigration rules, says CBI

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The UK’s biggest business lobby group has called on the government to relax post-Brexit immigration rules to help companies struggling with staff shortages to hire more workers from overseas. The Confederation of Brit...

Face, the facts: 10 ways to combat oily skin

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From embracing toner to staying hydrated, here’s how to look after an oil-prone complexionAnalyse your skin Start by doing a quick home test: wash your face, and if your skin produces oil 20 minutes afterwards, it’s l...

Boris Johnson: vaccine cooperation vital to help combat third Covid wave

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PM stresses need to work with EU and says surge in infections is likely to ‘wash up on our shores’Boris Johnson has urged international cooperation over vaccines, saying a third wave of coronavirus elsewhere in Europe...