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Njambi McGrath: Recensione Accidental Coconut: una nuova interpretazione del colonialismo

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La conferenza di Berlino di 1884, l'eredità di Hugh Trevor-Roper e le pratiche religiose della setta Watu wa Mungu del Kenya: non puoi accusare Njambi McGrath di sottovalutare l'intelligenza del suo pubblico. Il suo accidentale...

Equalities minister under fire for writing she does not ‘care about colonialism’

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The equalities minister, Kemi Badenoch, has been criticised after leaked messages revealed she claimed not to “care about colonialism”, amid warnings that Conservatives could haemorrhage support from the black communi...

‘Not in this town’: artwork about Britain’s ‘nuclear colonialism’ removed

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An Australian artist has accused a group of Conservative councillors of using “bullying strategies” to silence and censor her work after an installation she created to highlight Britain’s “identity as a colonial nucle...

Mandabi review – Ousmane Sembène classic about colonialism resonates today

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Ousmane Sembène, the “father of African cinema”, tells a tale of Jonsonian bleakness about human nature with his 1968 film Mandabi, or The Money Order, adapted from his own novella and now on rerelease. As with much o...

What is sovereignty? A conversation about American colonialism

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Nel 2014, the writer Jacqueline Keeler started the #notyourmascot hashtag, a social media campaign highlighting the way sports teams use Native Americans mascots to perpetuate racist caricatures. In her current work, S...

The Committed by Viet Thanh Nguyen review – challenging colonialism

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“We were the unwanted, the unneeded and the unseen, invisible to all but ourselves.” And with those words he is back, the “man of two faces and two minds” as well as many guises: Vietnamese, French, American, soldier,...