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Colombian court accuses soldiers of murdering at least 120 civiles

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A Colombian court has accused 10 members of the military and a civilian of forcibly disappearing 24 people and murdering at least 120 civilians and falsely presenting them as guerrilla fighters who had been killed in ...

Helicopter carrying Colombian president and senior officials hit by gunfire

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Colombia’s president Iván Duque said a helicopter carrying him and several senior officials came under fire in the southern Catatumbo region bordering Venezuela, in a rare instance of a direct attack on a presidential...

A Colombian lesson from history: the super league battle is not over

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Bogotá, Colombia: 9 abril 1948. Before the 2pm meeting he had scheduled with a young Cuban lawyer called Fidel Castro, Jorge Eliécer Gaitán, leader of the Liberal Party, decided to go for lunch at the Hotel Continenta...

Reseña del Valle de las Almas - drama colombiano silenciosamente devastador

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"Agradezco a quienes han aceptado volver a visitar estos tiempos oscuros,"Lee la tarjeta de título que cierra este drama sobre el desgarrador viaje de un pescador para recuperar los cuerpos de sus dos hijos.. Establecer en 2002, en medio de la ...

Two Colombian warlords to face off in truth commission hearing

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Two of Colombia’s most notorious warlords will appear together before a truth commission on Thursday, in the latest move to shed light on crimes committed during decades of bloody civil war. Rodrigo Londoño, better kn...

Colombian journalist’s sexual violence case to be heard in international court

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The Inter-American Court of Human Rights will hear testimony on Monday from a Colombian journalist who was kidnapped, tortured and raped while reporting on her country’s civil war, in a case which could set a preceden...

Los Conductos review – a cryptic Colombian parable

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This challenging Colombian parable feels like it could have been made in the 1970s, what with its cryptic storytelling, spiritual musings and vivid imagery, all shot on grainy 16mm. Rejecting conventional narrative st...