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Two troopers cleared of racially abusing Northern Irish colleague

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Two soldiers in the Household Cavalry have been cleared of racially abusing a colleague from Northern Ireland after claiming jokes about him being an IRA terrorist were “boisterous banter”. The troopers, Maxwell Nicho...

Twee oefensoldate het die Noord -Ierse kollega aanhoudend geboelie, hof gesê

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Twee oefensoldate in die Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment het 'n "aanhoudende" boelieveldtog uitgevoer teen 'n kollega uit Noord -Ierland, wat daarop dui dat hy 'n lid van die IRA was en betrokke was by 'n motorbom..

Grenfell landlord boss told colleague to ‘do nothing’ over fire safety fears

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The chief executive of Grenfell Tower’s landlord body told colleagues to ignore a resident who warned eight months before the fire that “only a catastrophic event will expose the ineptitude and incompetence of our lan...