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The attorney general’s office was worthy of respect. Suella the stooge disgraces it

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Ireland was the scene of a Boris Johnson masterclass in deception. En el 2019 elección, he fooled millions into believing his “oven-ready deal” would “Get Brexit Done!” and we need not worry about the warnings of Joh...

Leonard Cohen: previously unpublished novel to be released in autumn

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A previously unpublished novel by Leonard Cohen is due for publication this autumn. Written in Montreal in 1956 – the year Cohen published his first poetry collection – A Ballet of Lepers focuses on “toxic relationshi...

Lies come in all shapes and sizes. This government is familiar with them all

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This is a government that lies. It lies because it is led by a prime minister who long ago forgot the difference between truth and falsehood, assuming he ever knew it to begin with. It lies because the prime minister ...

How will humanity endure the climate crisis? I asked an acclaimed sci-fi writer

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To really grasp the present, we need to imagine the future – then look back from it to better see the now. The angry climate kids do this naturally. The rest of us need to read good science fiction. A great place to s...

Michael Cohen: los fiscales podrían "acusar a Trump mañana" si quisieran

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Los fiscales de Nueva York podrían "acusar a Donald Trump mañana si realmente quisieran y tuvieran éxito", El ex abogado y reparador del ex presidente Michael Cohen dijo el domingo, discutiendo las investigaciones de los negocios de Trump..

Joe Biden’s best hope of retaining power is Trump, the ogre under the bed

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If there is one truism of modern American politics, it’s that good fortune is a fleeting thing. Almost a year to the day after Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump in the 2020 elecciones presidenciales, his Democratic party wa...

The Tories’ big idea for staying in power? Endless conflict with the EU

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In his dying words, Shakespeare’s Henry IV tells his son, the future Henry V, that he must divert the attention of the barons before they threaten his rule. “Therefore, my Harry, be it thy course to busy giddy minds w...

How Leonard Cohen mined sacred texts for lyrics to his songs

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“She tied you to a kitchen chair, she broke your throne and she cut your hair, and from your lips she drew the Hallelujah...” No one hearing these lyrics from the song Hallelujah could doubt that Leonard Cohen knew ho...

¿No deberían los progresistas estar a favor de las personas que quieren decir lo que piensan??

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Donde una vez la izquierda luchó contra los patrones en nombre de los trabajadores, hoy sus voces más fuertes presionan a los jefes a los trabajadores de la policía. Si está tratando de entender por qué se odia esta sección de la izquierda, su autoritarismo es un lar ...

Sacha Baron Cohen sues over cannabis billboard in US featuring Borat

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Sacha Baron Cohen is taking legal action against a US cannabis dispensary after it used his Borat character on a billboard in Massachusetts. The billboard features the fictional Kazakh journalist promoting cannabis so...

The Netanyahus by Joshua Cohen review – an excess of genius

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The first obligation, when turning to the work of the electrifying American writer Joshua Cohen, is to stress that he clearly is a genius. In his essays (Attention!) and stories (Four New Messages), and in novels such...

Chris Christie joins New York Mets’ board of directors under Steve Cohen

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Chris Christie, the former New Jersey governor and adviser to US president Donald Trump, has joined the board of directors of the New York Mets. Christie, 58, was New Jersey’s governor from January 2010 to January 20...