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Nxivm co-founder Nancy Salzman jailed for more than 3 years in sex slaves case

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A former nurse who co-founded and once ran the cult-like Nxivm group, where prosecutors say women were brainwashed, branded like animals and coerced into sex, was sentenced to 42 months in prison. Nancy Salzman, il ...

Google co-founder Larry Page is a New Zealand resident, government says

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Billionaire and Google co-founder Larry Page is a New Zealand resident, and visited the country in the midst of Covid-19 border restrictions. The government confirmed Page’s residency after New Zealand outlet Stuff br...

Il co-fondatore di Google Larry Page ha concesso l'ingresso in Nuova Zelanda nonostante la chiusura delle frontiere, il rapporto dice

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Secondo quanto riferito, al co-fondatore miliardario di Google Larry Page è stato concesso l'ingresso in Nuova Zelanda, nonostante la frontiera sia chiusa ai non residenti. Roba ha riferito che Page, chi è la sesta persona più ricca del mondo, ...

Ocado co-founder settles with firm over information theft claim

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One of the co-founders of Ocado has agreed to pay a settlement to the grocery delivery company after he admitted taking confidential documents when trying to set up a rival. Ocado said Jonathan Faiman and a former emp...

Charity co-founder sentenced for using Anzac memorial funds for personal use

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A woman who claimed to be selling commemorative bricks honouring the Anzacs but instead used the money for her own personal living expenses has been sentenced to a 16-month intensive corrections order. Yvonne Hall, w ...

Black Lives Matter co-founder to step down as foundation’s executive director

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A co-founder of Black Lives Matter announced Thursday that she is stepping down as the executive director of the movement’s foundation following what she has called a smear campaign from a far-right group and recent c...

Ocean Rebellion co-founder alleges police tried to intimidate him

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The co-founder of the eco activist group Ocean Rebellion has filed a complaint to police alleging that officers have tried to intimidate him before next month’s G7 summit in Cornwall. Rob Higgs, an artist and campaign...

Pervis Staples, Staple Singers co-founder, muore invecchiato 85

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Pervis Staples, who co-founded the gospel group the Staple Singers, has died aged 85. He died on 6 Maggio, a representative confirmed to Rolling Stone. No cause of death was given. His sister, Mavis Staples, told the mag...