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Italy seeks Unesco heritage status for espresso coffee

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Italy is to apply for Unesco status for espresso coffee, claiming it is “much more than a simple drink”. It follows the art of the Neapolitan pizza-maker being added to the UN agency’s list of the world’s intangible h...

Answers: the Grounded coffee crossword

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Here’s every answer to the berry intelligent coffee crossword. Get some closure on your unfinished attempt, or cheat your way through every clue - there’s no judgement here, either way. 1 Robusta 5 Ecuador 9 Corto 10...

How to use coffee waste in the garden – and what to watch out for

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Chances are there’s at least one coffee drinker in your household. In ours it’s my husband and, as I’m an organic grower and gardener, I’m regularly eyeing up his spent coffee grounds. No matter how small your space, ...

Quiz: how much do you really know about coffee?

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Discover what’s next for Nespresso’s journey to carbon-neutral coffee here

Priceless Roman mosaic spent 50 years as a coffee table in New York apartment

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A priceless Roman mosaic that once decorated a ship used by the emperor Caligula was used for almost 50 years as a coffee table in an apartment in New York City. Dario Del Bufalo, an Italian expert on ancient stone a...

Good or bad? Top cardiologist gives verdict on chocolate, coffee and wine

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Dark chocolate is a “joy” when it comes to keeping your heart healthy, coffee is likely protective, but wine is at best “neutral”, according to one of the world’s leading cardiologists. As editor of the European Heart...

M&S to provide sandwiches and hot food for Costa Coffee

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Punte & Spencer is to provide sandwiches and hot food to more than 2,500 Costa Coffee outlets as the retailer seeks new ways to reach commuters now working from home. M&S said it would be providing more than 3...

Tea and coffee may be linked to lower risk of stroke and dementia – study

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Drinking coffee or tea may be linked with a lower risk of stroke and dementia, volgens die grootste studie in sy soort. Strokes cause 10% of deaths globally, while dementia is one of the world’s biggest health chal...

Eco-friendly, lab-grown coffee is on the way, but it comes with a catch

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Heiko Rischer isn’t quite sure how to describe the taste of lab-grown coffee. This summer he sampled one of the first batches in the world produced from cell cultures rather than coffee beans. “To describe it is diffi...

‘My nook would evoke calm’: interior design tips for creating the perfect coffee corner

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Where do you go in the morning to cradle a coffee and escape the sounds clawing at your head, pulling you all too fast into your day? What scene distracts decision-fatigued brains, soothing and recharging them. Where ...

Sicilian coffee dream a step closer as climate crisis upends farming

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Vir meer as 30 years the Morettino family had been trying to produce their own coffee on a small piece of land in Sicily. And for 30 years they had failed. But last spring 66 seedlings produced about 30kg of coffee,...

How to turn spent coffee grounds into a rub – recipe

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Spent coffee is one of the most potent and aromatic spices a cook could wish for, adding an energetic, flavourful kick to sweet and savoury dishes alike, from cakes and cookies (check out my spent espresso brownies) t ...

Berry intelligent? Take our quiz to find out how much you know about coffee

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Discover what’s next for Nespresso’s journey to carbon-neutral coffee here

Costa Coffee gives staff 5% pay rise as it looks to recruit 2,000 werkers

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Costa Coffee is increasing pay for its 14,500 shop workers by 5%, as it looks for 2,000 more staff before Christmas. Die maatskappy, which was bought out by Coca-Cola in 2018, said that from 1 October all store team memb...

Concern grows for global coffee supply amid Vietnam lockdown

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Concerns are growing over global coffee supplies amid tough coronavirus travel restrictions imposed in Vietnam to tackle the spread of the aggressive Delta variant of Covid-19. Supply chains are been disrupted after V...

Firm seeks funding for ‘performance sneakers’ made from coffee waste

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It is the typical morning routine for hundreds of thousands of Britons: have a cup of coffee and then slip on your trainers before heading for a jog. Upon returning, a quick drink of water to rehydrate before stepping...

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