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Police investigate reports of spiking by needle at Nottingham clubs

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A man has been arrested as Nottinghamshire police investigate reports of women being injected with needles on nights out in the past fortnight, and there have been calls for a boycott of nightclubs in at least 30 town...

Premier League clubs vote to block Newcastle sponsorship deals at emergency meeting

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The hostility among Premier League clubs to the Newcastle United takeover was underlined on Monday when they voted through legislation designed to prevent the Saudi owners from striking lucrative sponsorship deals. Ne...

Slegs drie Premierliga -klubs aanvaar die polisie se uitnodiging om aanlyn rassisme te beveg

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Manchester stad, Norwich en Brighton is die enigste Premierliga -klubs wat 'n uitnodiging aanvaar het om saam met die polisie te werk om aanlyn rassisme te stop, die Guardian verstaan. In Julie, die hoofkonstabel Mark ...

Angry Premier League clubs demand emergency meeting on Newcastle deal

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Angry clubs have targeted the Premier League with complaints about the Newcastle United takeover and are pushing for an emergency meeting next week. Die 19 other top-flight clubs are understood to be united in opposit...

Next Generation 2021: 20 of the best talents at Premier League clubs

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We pick the best youngsters at each club born between 1 September 2004 en 31 Augustus 2005*, an age band known as first-year scholars. Check the progress of class of 2020 | 2019 | 2018 | 2017 | 2016

Premier League clubs hopeful of selecting Brazilians despite Fifa ban

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Premier League clubs remain hopeful of selecting Brazil internationals this weekend despite being threatened with sanctions by Fifa in the escalating row over quarantine restrictions. Liverpool, Manchester stad, Manch...

Premier League clubs will not release players for matches on UK’s red list

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Premier League clubs have united in defiance of Fifa and refused to release players for international duty in countries on the UK’s red list. The escalating row over quarantine restrictions, and the lack of exemptions...

Premierliga: will the three promoted clubs stay up?

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With the new Premier League season looming, it’s prediction time. Many will expect the three clubs that came up to drop straight back down again given the gulf in quality between the Championship and the Premier Leagu...

European football clubs’ revenue declines by £3.4bn over pandemic

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The pandemic led to a rare decline in the financial firepower of European football during 2019-20, according to a report that charts how Covid-19 has affected the hierarchy of the continental game. The combined revenu...

‘It’s absolutely enormous’: Uefa’s Conference League gets thumbs-up from smaller clubs

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It would be understandable if Premier League fans thought Uefa’s latest wheeze was intended as just another way for Tottenham to embarrass themselves. But football does not revolve entirely around the big clubs, at le...

New York’s clubs are back, and with them a sense of community I’d forgotten existed

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In 2018, upon her return from a trip to China, my roommate gifted me a pack of black surgical masks. Affixed to the plastic packaging was an explanatory note: RAVE MASKS :) I knew the look – the masks were purely aest...

Pyro, chainsaws and fireworks: post-goal stunts at football clubs

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“I took my three-year-old to her first match on Saturday, Central Coast Mariners v Western United,” tweets Matthew Collins. “The Mariners have a tradition: after scoring a goal they fire a pyrotechnic cannon. My kid n...

Remember us? Die Euro 2020 coaching cast-offs from English clubs

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“Two or three years ago I would not have expected to be in this chair,” said Frank de Boer this week. “Sometimes, an opportunity arises, and then you ask yourself: ‘Am I ready or not?’ I felt I was ready.” The Netherl...

Six English ESL breakaway clubs agree to pay £22m to grassroots causes

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The six English clubs who attempted to join the European Super League have agreed a settlement with the Premier League in which they will pay £22m between them to causes that support “the good of the game”. The sum is...

Managerial carousel mirrors the desperate crisis enveloping Europe’s elite clubs

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At first glance, Antonio Conte leaving a club in dispute with the owners soon after leading them to a league title may not seem particularly significant. This is what he does. His departure from Internazionale follows...

Leicester give their all to the very end but the richest clubs prevail

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As you were, dan. At the end of this most unpredictable and turbulent of seasons, a time of pandemic and insurrection, the top four places in the Premier League ended in the hands of its four biggest and richest club...

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