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No Covid pass, no entry: Cardiff clubbers divided on new Welsh rules

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There was an extra thing for the hundreds of young people waiting in the queue outside Pryzm nightclub in Cardiff to worry about. As usual, they needed to show ID, undergo a search and make sure they still had their p...

‘Big up Liverpool’: clubbers ecstatic at Liverpool trial reopening – video

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Several thousand people went clubbing in Liverpool without Covid measures as part of a pilot to see whether social distancing measures can be eased without triggering new coronavirus outbreaks.The afternoon-admission ...

‘It’s going to be emotional’: clubbers return in Liverpool Covid pilot

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“Last night we were all saying that we felt like kids on Christmas Eve,” said Olivia Hall, a 19-year-old student describing a conversation between herself and her friends. “We were all sat last night watching the tell...

Dutch clubbers hit the dancefloor for study into easing lockdown

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Dance music lovers in Amsterdam have been offered a short relief from lockdown, treated to their first live show in more than a year while serving as guinea pigs in a research project. A total of 1,300 people were all...