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Boris Johnson, 'n leuenaar en 'n nar – spotprent

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Nivellering – parp, parp! Covid-kontrakte – phut, minuut!• Jy kan jou eie kopie van hierdie spotprent bestel

‘Clown show’: Carl Lewis eviscerates US men’s 4x100m team after Tokyo flop

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The first time US sprinter Ronnie Baker tried to grab the baton, he found himself holding a handful of Fred Kerley’s jersey. The second time, Baker missed. By the third try, Kerley was side-by-side with Baker, practic...

The Great British Art Tour: the tears of a clown

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It was during her time studying at Académie Julian, in Paris, that Ethel Wright became familiar with Pierrot. Pierrot, the lovelorn peasant, had first appeared in French literature in Molière’s 1665 comedy Dom Juan ...

Elon Musk declared himself ‘technoking’. He’s just a hyper-capitalist clown

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Elon Musk has declared himself Technoking of Tesla. It’s a fitting title for a man with feudal aspirations. He already has a history of poor labor practices, and generally displays a vast amount of hubris relative to ...

All hail the clown king: how Boris Johnson made it by playing the fool

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The long-running German satirical show Extra 3 recently featured a sketch with the following voiceover: “From the people who brought you The Crown – the epic saga of the Queen – now comes the ridiculous story of this ...