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Cryptocurrency miners using hacked cloud accounts, Google warns

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Cyberhackers are using compromised cloud accounts to mine cryptocurrency, Google has warned. Details of the mining hack are contained in a report by Google’s cybersecurity action team, which spots hacking threats agai...

Ash Barty pulls out of Indian Wells, WTA Finals campaign under cloud

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Ash Barty has withdrawn from next week’s Indian Wells Masters event, casting further doubt over whether Australia’s world No 1 will play any more tennis this season. Barty, who has not competed since her shock US Open...

Cloud Cuckoo Land by Anthony Doerr review – all human life is here

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Constantinople, 1453. A young girl darts through streets that bristle with fear of the besieging Ottomans. Slung over her shoulder is a heavy sack of mildewed codices, pilfered from an abandoned priory on behalf of an...

Cloud Cuckoo Land by Anthony Doerr review – a joyous epic of love and survival

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There is a kind of book a seasoned writer produces after a big success: large-hearted, wide in scope and joyous. Following his Pulitzer winner All the Light We Cannot See, Anthony Doerr’s Cloud Cuckoo Land is a deep l...

Apple delays plans to scan cloud uploads for child sexual abuse images

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Apple will delay its plans to begin scanning user images for child sexual abuse material (CSAM) before uploading them to the cloud, the company says, after a backlash from privacy groups. The company’s proposal, first...

Cloud spraying and hurricane slaying: could geoengineering fix the climate crisis?

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Tom Green has a plan to tackle climate change. The British biologist and director of the charity Project Vesta wants to turn a trillion tonnes of CO2 into rock, and sink it to the bottom of the sea. Green admits the i...

Make it rain: US states embrace ‘cloud seedingto conquer drought

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With three-quarters of the US west gripped by a seemingly ceaseless drought, several states are increasingly embracing a drastic intervention – the modification of the weather to spur more rainfall. The latest report...

That Cloud Never Left review – experimental ruminations on cinema and labour

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An artful hybrid of documentary and fiction, That Cloud Never Left zooms in on quotidian life in Daspara, a small West Bengal village where toys are made from reels of discarded film footage. The iconography is clear:...