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Fashion faces a stark choice: stop flogging cheap clothes or go out of style

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Fashion has become a dirty word – and believe me, it hurts. Not long ago, fashion was the VIP room of popular culture and movie stars and politicians flocked to the front row. Now it has come to symbolise everything t...

Scientists find evidence of humans making clothes 120,000 hace años que

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From the medieval fashion for pointy shoes to Victorian waist-squeezing corsets and modern furry onesies, what we wear is a window to our past. Now researchers say they have found some of the earliest evidence of huma...

Boris Johnson is stealing Labour’s clothes? He’ll sell you a bridge too

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Naughty Boris! You know the line and its intonation. There goes the prime minister, tearing into the tenets of Toryism with the same puppyish ferocity as his Bullingdon pals used to set about restaurant windows. Rippi...

Renting fashion can be green, argue clothes renters

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The fashion rental industry has challenged the findings of a recent high-profile report that suggested renting clothes is “less green than throwing them away”, based on the environmental impacts of transportation and ...

Renting clothes is ‘less green than throwing them away’

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A study has revealed that renting clothes, long touted as one of the “answers” to fashion’s sustainability crisis, is worse for the planet than throwing them away. El estudio, published by the Finnish scientific journa...

Celebrity merchandise enters new era as stars sell off their clothes

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Celebrity merchandise has entered a new era of personalisation with pop and reality TV stars selling the shirts off their backs, in a move to adapt to Gen Z consumers who are buying their clothes second hand online. S...

Half of clothes sold by online fashion brands ‘made from virgin plastic’

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Approximately half of the clothes sold by large online fashion brands such as Boohoo and Asos are made entirely from virgin plastic materials such as polyester, despite a push to reduce the huge environmental impact o...

Joanna Scanlan: ‘People do seem to ask me to take my clothes off all the time’

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Joanna Scanlan is sitting in splendid isolation in a country house hotel in Sussex, where she has been transforming herself into HE Bates’s voluptuous matriarch, Ma Larkin, for a six-part ITV miniseries. But we’re not...

‘You don’t know what story an item tells’: why I’m buying and selling secondhand clothes

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Depop seller and vintage fashion lover Gayle Bennett explains how looking after the clothes we have is key to making them last for future generationsby Jenny StallardVintage clothes enthusiast Gayle Bennett has two go...

Mend your clothes and do yourself some good

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In today’s society, many of us go through our whole lives without ever working with our hands; we live, we work, we eat, we buy, we repeat. Everything is made and delivered at a blistering rate, from fast food to fast...

UK inflation rises to 0.7%, pushed up by fuel and clothes – business live

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Cobertura continua de las últimas noticias económicas y financieras, as rising fuel and clothing costs push up the consumer prices index

Clothes that last should become a fashion trend that isn’t just a passing fad

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The problem with a lot of fashion writing is that it is just a shopping list fleshed out with adjectives. Its engine, noisy and restless, is acquisition. It couldn’t give a damn that the single most precious item in y...

‘This is Jim Crow in new clothes’: Raphael Warnock condemns voter suppression

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In his first speech as a US senator, the Rev Raphael Warnock warned Americans of a rightwing attack on voting rights. Here are his remarksOn Wednesday, the Rev Raphael Warnock, elected in January as Georgia’s first Af...

‘I’ve been washing clothes in my sink’: the reality of hotel quarantine

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Yesterday was salmon and a box of kale – not a combination I’ve eaten before. De hecho, most meals seem to be served with a box of some leaves or other, no plates are provided. It’s never bad food, it’s just not what I...