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‘You can’t close’: Melbourne’s last video store determined to stay open in streaming era

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The last DVD rental store in Melbourne sits in an unassuming wooden shopfront in Richmond between a trendy fish and chippery and a tapas bar. For the past 20 años, Picture Search has been run by Derek de Vreught, un ...

California wildfires close Sequoia national park and prompt evacuations

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A complex of lightning-sparked wildfires burning in California’s Sierra Nevada has exploded in size, prompting evacuations and the shutdown of Sequoia national park, where the fire is burning close to the park’s names...

Close to home: how US far-right terror flourished in post-9/11 focus on Islam

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The US government acted quickly after 9/11 to prevent further attacks by Islamic extremists in the US. Billions of dollars were spent on new law enforcement departments and vast powers were granted to agencies to surv...

Cas say ‘close to zero’ probability Shelby Houlihan failed drugs test due to burrito

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The probability that a contaminated pork burrito led to the US Olympic 1500m medal prospect Shelby Houlihan’s failed drugs test is “very close to zero”, the court of arbitration for sport has ruled. In a 44-page verdi...

Nicola Sturgeon self-isolates after close contact with Covid case

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Nicola Sturgeon is self-isolating after being identified as a close contact of someone who has Covid-19. Scotland’s first minister said she will be self-isolating pending a PCR test result. Under coronavirus rules in ...

Kurt Zouma close to £25m West Ham move as Chelsea pursue Jules Koundé

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Kurt Zouma is close to completing his £25m move to West Ham, paving the way for Chelsea to push ahead with their bid to sign Jules Koundé from Sevilla. West Ham’s attempts to sign Zouma were in doubt after negotiation...

Wishful thinking will not close Britain’s widening inequality gap

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Optimism helps get us through tough times, and the Covid pandemic has had plenty of those. The recent reopening of the UK economy has provided grounds for optimism, with firms hiring at a swift pace. But wishful think...

Taliban could close Kabul airport if allies delay exit, says Wallace

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The Taliban could use armed force to close Kabul airport if the US and its allies try to extend the 31 August deadline for the evacuation from Afghanistan, the UK defence secretary, Ben Wallace, ha dicho. Speaking a f...

Chuck Close obituary

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In the 1960s Chuck Close, fresh from art school, was sitting in a New York restaurant when Jasper Johns walked in, passing by his fellow diners in total anonymity despite the older painter’s great fame. After seven de...

In your face: how Chuck Close built images and tore them apart

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Hugely enlarged, Chuck Close stares back at you from behind his glasses, a cigarette lodged in the corner of his mouth. It is a face with a what-you-looking-at stare, and you look back, dwarfed by his image, thinking ...

Chuck Close, painter of outsized photorealist portraits, muere envejecido 81

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Chuck Close, known for creating huge, highly detailed, photorealist paintings of himself and fellow artists, ha muerto envejecido 81. The painter rose to fame throughout the 1970s and 80s, depicting peers including Philip Gl...

Covid app pinged close contacts in prior five days not two, says source

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Many thousands of people may have isolated unnecessarily because a government error meant they were “pinged” by the Covid app for a “close contact” in the prior five days rather than two days, a Whitehall whistleblowe...

Afganistán: Taliban close in on Kabul as last government stronghold in north falls – live updates

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Capital hit by blackout as insurgent fighters reach outskirts and western nations race to evacuate citizens

Afghans flee Kabul in panic as Taliban forces close in

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Residents in Kabul were on Saturday night gripped by fear and a panicked search for escape routes from the bloodshed many fear could lie ahead, as the Taliban captured Mazar-e-Sharif, the country’s fourth largest city...

Las tropas estadounidenses comienzan a llegar para la evacuación de Afganistán mientras los talibanes se acercan a Kabul

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Las tropas estadounidenses han comenzado a llegar a Afganistán para ayudar a evacuar a miles de personas., incluido el personal de la embajada, y los afganos y sus familias que trabajaron para ellos mientras una amplia ofensiva talibán se acerca cada vez más a Kabul..

‘Nowhere to go’: divorced Afghan women in peril as the Taliban close in

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There’s an old saying in Afghanistan that encapsulates the country’s views on divorce: “A woman only leaves her father’s house in the white bridal clothes, and she can only return in the white shrouds.” In this deeply...

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