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Burnley 0-2 Manchester stad, Chelsea 1-4 Brentford: clockwatch – as it happened

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The champions won easily at Turf Moor, while Christian Eriksen scored again as Brentford came from behind to win gloriously at Stamford Bridge

Huddersfield v Bournemouth, Napoli v Udinese: sokkerhorlosie - regstreeks!

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Liverpool v Norwich, Crystal Palace v Chelsea: klokhorlosie - regstreeks!

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Cambridge stun Newcastle and more: FA Cup third round clockwatch – as it happened

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Cambridge embarrassed Newcastle, Kidderminster Harriers beat Reading and Boreham Wood saw off AFC wimbledon among other less seismic upsets

Everton 2-3 Brighton, Leeds 3-1 Burnley, Brentford 2-1 Aston Villa: Premier League clockwatch – as it happened

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Brighton edged a thriller, Brentford did a smash and grab job, while Leeds put Burnley further into trouble

Watford v Tottenham, Football League updates: klokhorlosie - regstreeks!

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Arsenal v West Ham, Brighton v Wolves: Premier League – clockwatch!

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Liverpool v Aston Villa, Chelsea v Leeds: sokkerhorlosie - regstreeks!

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Wolves 0-1 Liverpool, Newcastle 1-0 Burnley: clockwatch – as it happened

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Divock Origi added another famous goal to his Liverpool portfolio, while Callum Wilson gave Newcastle their first league victory of the season

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