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Pregnant women are being turned away from Covid vaccine clinics, kenners waarsku

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Pregnant women are being turned away from Covid vaccine clinics despite clinical advice, experts have warned as they urged ministers to ramp up efforts to reach unvaccinated groups. Members of the Joint Committee on V...

Senior UK police officer backs pioneering synthetic heroin clinics

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One of England’s most senior police officers has called for a “fundamental change of approach” in tackling England’s drug deaths crisis after watching an addict inject synthetic heroin in a pioneering clinic. Richard ...

‘Oh my gosh, the kittens!’ How the pandemic unleashed bedlam in veterinary clinics

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Early in the pandemic, Dr Monica Mansfield, a veterinarian based in Medway, Massachusetts, became haunted by a recurring nightmare. “There were these vulnerable kittens in my basement, and I forgot to feed them,” Mans...

Aborsieklinieke noord van Texas het oorstroom met pasiënte ná 'n ernstige staatsverbod

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Oorspronklik gepubliseer deur The 19th. Met aborsie effektief in Texas verbied, pasiënte oorstroom reproduktiewe gesondheidsklinieke in buurstate en oorweldig die brose infrastruktuur van aborsie in die streek, akkoord ...

Ten minste 10 states divert federal welfare funding to anti-abortion clinics

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Ten minste 10 US states have siphoned millions of dollars from federal block grants, meant to provide aid to their neediest families, to pay for the operations of ideological anti-abortion clinics. These overwhelmingly ...