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‘It’s 2022 and we live in caves’: herders besieged by settlers on West Bank but still clinging to hope

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Attacks and demolitions in the occupied West Bank by the Israeli military and settlers have left Mahmoud, a shepherd, feeling “under siege”. The 58-year-old pastoralist faces eviction from his home in Umm Fagarah, fol...

No drive, no spine, very little vision: even science can’t explain the creatures clinging on to Johnson

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For followers of British politics, this week was probably best understood in terms of quantum physics. For the past six months, the prime minister and his cabinet explained that they couldn’t comment on the Partygate ...

Alaska man found clinging to ice chunk after frozen shoreline breaks off

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An Alaska man walking on a shoreline wound up clinging to a chunk of ice for more than 30 minutes in frigid water when the shoreline ice broke loose and carried him out into Cook Inlet. Jamie Snedden, 45, of Homer, wa...