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UN: Joe Biden pledges to double climate aid to developing countries – live

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World leaders gather for the UN general assembly in New York, with Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro taking stand against Covid vaccine mandates• Biden will tell UN general assembly ‘America is back’

Johnson says he has changed his mind on the climate – but he’s still dragging his feet

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As he flew to New York yesterday to speak to the UN general assembly about the Cop26 climate conference, Boris Johnson was asked to defend old comments made by his newly appointed trade secretary, Anne-Marie Trevelyan...

Urgent climate action is getting lost in the heat of Germany’s election campaign

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Forty years ago, Germans loved to make fun of eco-types who ate muesli, wore shapeless knitted sweaters and packed their groceries in jute bags. allora, the German Green party was just getting started. Today, thing...

Climate crisis: history will judge failure to act, Johnson says at UN

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Boris Johnson has warned the world’s rich countries that “history will judge”, if they fail to act now to tackle the climate crisis, as US climate envoy John Kerry suggested President Biden was poised to commit more f...

‘Climate crisis on our shores’: Mediterranean countries sign deal after summer of fires

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With the catastrophic effects of this summer’s unprecedented wildfires still being counted, leaders from around the Mediterranean – the European region most at risk from climate breakdown – have vowed to intensify the...

Climate activist injured and colleague killed in Highlands paramotor accident

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Sacha Dench, who was attempting a world-first circumnavigation of mainland Britain in a paraglider to raise awareness about the climate crisis, has been seriously injured in a paramotor accident in the western Highlan...

Johnson defends trade secretary after climate crisis denial tweets

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Boris Johnson has acknowledged that he has altered his views about the climate crisis over recent years, detto, “the facts change and people change their minds”. As he travelled to the US in a bid to accelerate progr...

Climate crisis leaving ‘millions at risk of trafficking and slavery’

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Millions of people forced to leave their homes because of severe drought and powerful cyclones are at risk of modern slavery and human trafficking over the coming decades, a new report warns. The climate crisis and th...

Rich countries not providing poor with pledged climate finance, analysis says

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Rich countries will continue to miss a longstanding pledge to provide poor countries with $100bn a year in climate finance for the next four years, new analysis suggests on the eve of a crunch meeting of world leaders...

Devon teenager to cycle to Glasgow for Cop26 climate summit

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Unable to afford the exorbitant train fare and refusing to fly, a 16-year-old environmental campaigner has decided to cycle 570 miles to the Cop26 summit in Glasgow – and has invited the public to join her for the rid...

The computer chip industry has a dirty climate secret

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The semiconductor industry has a problem. Demand is booming for silicon chips, which are embedded in everything from smartphones and televisions to wind turbines, but it comes at a big cost: a huge carbon footprint. T ...

The German activists starving themselves to make politicians face the climate crisis

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In a cluster of tents close to the Reichstag building in Berlin are a group of activists who have said they are prepared to starve themselves to death to highlight the lack of ambition among Germany’s main political p...

Facebook steps up fight against climate misinformation – but critics say effort falls short

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Facebook has announced new efforts to combat climate crisis misinformation on its platform, including by expanding its climate science center to provide more reliable information, investing in organizations that fight...

Climate experts fear Aukus will dash hopes of China emissions deal

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The timing of the new defence deal between the US, UK and Australia has dismayed climate experts, who fear it could have a negative effect on hopes of a deal with China on greenhouse gas emissions ahead of vital UN cl...

Heads of Exxon and BP called on to testify before Congress to address climate crisis

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US congressional investigators say they have uncovered “very concerning” new documents about ExxonMobil’s disinformation campaign to discredit climate science. Representative Ro Khanna, a leading critic of the petrole...

Labour condemns new trade secretary for tweets rejecting climate science

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The new international trade secretary, Anne-Marie Trevelyan, has been accused of rejecting the science behind the climate emergency after a series of tweets came to light showing her dismissing those who believe in gl...

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