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Clifford the Big Red Dog review: el adorable sabueso escarlata se enfrenta a los tech bros

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La serie de libros ilustrados del autor Norman Bridwell sobre Clifford, el gran perro rojo, representó una porción saludable de la cultura americana de mediados de siglo., con el carácter del título autoexplicativo, un enorme sabueso bermellón, amor...

Two lovers kiss behind a tree: Clifford Prince King’s best photograph

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En 2018, I was visiting my cousin in Dallas when I remembered that a friend from Portland had moved there. I hadn’t seen him in a while and heard he had a new partner, so I asked if he wanted to catch up. The minute I...

Jaryd Clifford: ‘Sport is so much more than a medal’

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Jaryd Clifford was in shock. As he crossed the line in second place in the men’s 5000m T13, the 22-year-old was physically exhausted. He staggered around, briefly congratulated his competitors, y luego, as the commen...

Max Clifford: The Fall of a Tabloid King review – scandal at the heart of Fleet Street

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There appears to be no reason for the documentary Max Clifford: The Fall of a Tabloid King (Canal 4) – there is no anniversary of his arrest, charge or conviction on eight counts of indecent assault against four vic...