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Ofcom clears Piers Morgan over Meghan comments

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The media watchdog has ruled that Piers Morgan’s criticism of the Duchess of Sussex on ITV’s Good Morning Britain did not breach the broadcasting code despite a record number of complaints about his comments. Morgan, ...

Court ruling clears way for first executions in Papua New Guinea in nearly 70 anni

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A ruling by Papua New Guinea’s national court has cleared the way for the country’s first executions in almost 70 anni. Il 14 condemned prisoners have a chance to appeal to a government-appointed committee for cleme...

NCAA clears way for college athletes to be compensated as state laws loom

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The NCAA’s board of directors approved one of the biggest changes in the history of college athletics Wednesday, clearing the way for nearly a half-million athletes to start earning money based on their fame and celeb...

‘Where should we go?': thousands left homeless as Karachi clears waterways

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Maqsooda Bibi, 62, did not know the house she had lived in all her life would be demolished, forcing her whole family to become homeless. But on Monday, Pakistan’s supreme court backed the Sindh government in bulldozi...

BBC report clears staff over rehiring of Martin Bashir

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An investigation into the BBC’s rehiring of Martin Bashir as its religious affairs correspondent in 2016 has cleared all of those involved in his recruitment, while also finding there were some “shortcomings” in the p...