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Claudia Roden: "¿Qué quiero de la vida ahora?? Tener gente alrededor de mi mesa "

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Claudia Roden no estaba segura de que a nadie le interesara que ella escribiera otro libro de cocina. "Seguí diciéndole a mi agente, "Nadie querrá un libro de un octogenario!’”, Dice en una videollamada. Roden acaba de convertirse 85 ...

Claudia Winkleman: ‘Every September, I turn several shades of orange brighter, and off we go’

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“Strictly Come Dancing is basically Christmas,” grins Claudia Winkleman. “It’s all about sparkle and kindness. It’s a snowglobe of a show. Even the make-believe baddie isn’t really evil. He’ll hate me for saying so bu...

Claudia Lawrence: police find no new clues in lake search

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Police have said “nothing of obvious significance” was found during a search of a lake as part of the investigation into the disappearance of university chef Claudia Lawrence. Teams of police experts, search dogs, div...

On my radar: Claudia Rankine’s cultural highlights

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Claudia Rankine is a poet, essayist, playwright and a professor of poetry at Yale. Born in Jamaica in 1963, she moved to America as a child and later received an MFA from Columbia University. She is the author of six ...

Claudia Weill on 1970s Hollywood sleaze: ‘They’d never seen a woman direct’

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Claudia Weill’s career as a director of feature films lasted just two years but she had an enormous impact. Girlfriends, su 1978 debut about two young female New Yorkers being pulled in different directions was a tin...

My Amazon rainforest angel: Claudia Andujar’s best photograph

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Fue 1971 when I photographed the Yanomami tribe of Brazil for the first time. I knew that it would take time to build our relationship, but I wanted to see if we could become friends. Para mí, the best photographers...

‘The Yanomami could disappear– photographer Claudia Andujar on a people under threat in Brazil

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It is more than 50 years since Claudia Andujar began photographing the Yanomami, the people of the Amazon rainforest near Brazil’s border with Venezuela. Ahora 89, she is using her archive to increase their visibility, ...