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North Carolina school board bans critical race theory from its classrooms

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A school board in North Carolina passed a policy banning critical race theory from its classrooms, after county commissioners threatened to withhold $7.9m in funding. Critical race theory is an academic discipline th...

Afghan women at university must study in female-only classrooms, Taliban say

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The Taliban have announced that women in Afghanistan will only be allowed to study at university in gender-segregated classrooms and Islamic dress will be compulsory, stoking fears that a gender apartheid will be impo...

Dear Gavin Williamson, now we know your plans for Covid-safe classroomser, un

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I wonder if you’ve looked back at your car-crash interview on BBC Breakfast with Charlie Stayt this week? He put in front of you a scenario that may well face teachers going into the new term during the pandemic: a ro...

‘No one knew we were homeless’: relief funds hope to reach students missing from virtual classrooms

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Portia and her two boys were living at the St Ambrose Family Shelter in Dorchester, Massachusetts, located in an old Catholic church, when the pandemic hit. To protect her family from the virus, she moved in with her ...