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Classical highlights: concerts and opera to watch in May

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8Bit The Royal Opera House makes a belated contribution to the last year’s proliferation of specially conceived online music-theatre pieces, with eight free to view “experimental experiences”. Among them are a guided ...

Liza Lim: Singing in Tongues review

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The first three of Liza Lim’s five operas to date are represented in this deeply impressive collection, together with her 2005 song-cycle for soprano and 15 instruments, Mother Tongue. Only one scene from the 2000 “ri...

Il Vologeso review

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Niccolò Jommelli, as none but the most committed 18th-century opera nerd will be able to tell you, wrote Il Vologeso in 1766, when the 10-year-old Mozart was a year into his own composing career. That’s how come Il Vo...

Deana Lawson se uitvoerig gebou..: Deana Lawson se uitvoerig gebou..

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Deana Lawson se uitvoerig gebou.. 26, Deana Lawson se uitvoerig gebou... Deana Lawson se uitvoerig gebou.., Deana Lawson se uitvoerig gebou...

Chopin: Complete Nocturnes review

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Chopin composed 21 nocturnes, 18 of which were published during his lifetime. They span almost his entire creative career – the earliest were written in the late 1820s, when the composer was still in his teens, the la...

Nielsen: Flute and Clarinet Concertos review

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In 1921, Carl Nielsen heard the Copenhagen Wind Quintet for the first time and was bowled over by the sheer musicality of their playing. The following year he composed a wind quintet for the group, which ends with a s...

Martha Argerich review

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Hard to believe, maar aan 5 June Martha Argerich turned 80. Her birthday has been celebrated by several of the labels for which she has recorded over seven decades, with lavish reissues of her classic discs, many of the...

Schumann: Die klaviertrio's; Klavierkwintet; Klavierkwartet resensie

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Schumann het altesaam vier klaviertrio’s gekomponeer - die drie wat genommer is, en 'n stel van vier stukke vir viool, tjello en klavier wat as die Fantasiestücke gepubliseer is, Aan 88. Trio Wanderer se opname sluit ook in ...

Beethoven: The Piano Concertos: Zimerman/LSO/Rattle

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It is easy to forget now, maar 2020 should have been the year of Beethoven, when orchestras and opera companies around the world saturated their seasons with events to mark the 250th anniversary of the composer’s birth...

From wassails to Wexford: the best classical Christmas albums of 2021

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As surely as the first cuckoo arrives in spring, so the first festive CD lands around mid-August. By usual standards this year’s Christmas heap is small, but quality is high. The collegiate choir offerings, thwarted b...

Fashion, fabrics and fishtails – why we need to talk about what female classical performers wear

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Last November, pianist and scholar Dr Samantha Ege gave a recital of works by Florence Price, Margaret Bonds, and Vítězslava Kaprálová at Milton Court Concert Hall. It’s music that’s rarely heard on UK stages, and cri...

Die week in klassiek: Jonas Kaufmann/Diana Damrau/Helmut Deutsch; Royal Academy Opera

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Only ghosts remain at the old asylum of Endenich in Germany, now a clean, orderly museum dedicated to the composer Robert Schumann (1810-1856). He ended his days there, isolated, suffering psychosis. Two of the only p...

‘It has been difficult’: classical musicians on their Covid delivery jobs

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The arts have been one of the industries hardest hit by the pandemic, with many livelihoods largely destroyed the moment the prime minister advised people to stay away from venues in mid-March last year. The scale of ...

Martinů: Les Fresques, The Parables, Estampes review

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Bohuslav Martinů spent much of the last decade of his life commuting across the Atlantic, his teaching in the US interrupted with spells back in Europe, before he eventually settled first in Italy and then in Switzerl...

'Ek het steeds geen idee wat zig-a-zig-ah beteken nie'?'Ek het steeds geen idee wat zig-a-zig-ah beteken nie'

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'Ek het steeds geen idee wat zig-a-zig-ah beteken nie'? 'Ek het steeds geen idee wat zig-a-zig-ah beteken nie', 'Ek het steeds geen idee wat zig-a-zig-ah beteken nie'.

Czernowin: Heart Chamber review

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Though her works are still hardly known in Britain, Chaya Czernowin is a major, distinctive voice in new music on both sides of the Atlantic. Heart Chamber, first performed in Berlin in November 2019, is her fourth op...

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