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Chicago public schools cancel classes after teachers’ union vote

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Leaders of Chicago public schools canceled classes Wednesday after the teachers’ union voted to switch to remote learning due to the surge in Covid cases, the latest development in an escalating battle over pandemic s...

Arizona students seek Kyle Rittenhouse removal from online nursing classes

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A small but vocal alliance of left-leaning students at Arizona State University (ASU) is demanding Kyle Rittenhouse be removed from online classes, despite the teen’s acquittal this month on charges of murdering two m...

Eco-anxiety over climate crisis suffered by all ages and classes

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A clear majority of people believe that climate change will have a more significant effect on humanity than will Covid-19, which has already claimed about five million lives worldwide, according to a new poll conducte...

Summer school catch-up classes insufficient, say heads and Labour

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Nearly three-quarters of secondary schools in England are offering activities and catch-up classes for children this summer, according to figures announced as part of a £200m scheme supported by the Department for Edu...

Fit in my 40s: after a year away from classes, I’m back in the boxing gym

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From a distance, boxing looks like the least Covid-compliant exercise possible: a contact sport with more sweat than you ever dreamed and a presumably concomitant amount of heavy breathing. But look again: there’s not...

Just get a sketchbook out: top UK artists lament decline of drawing classes

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The demise of drawing in some of Britain’s most prestigious art schools has been lamented by leading artists. Their comments come as Sir Peter Blake, who is preparing for a new exhibition, and David Hockney recall the...

‘I miss school’: 800m children still not fully back in classes

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Across the world 800 million children are still not fully back in school, Unicef is warning, with many at risk of never returning to the classroom the longer closures go on. There are at least 90 countries where schoo...

Teaching union urges schools to stop ‘parent bombingof online classes

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The switch to remote learning during lockdown left teachers on the receiving end of verbal abuse and “parent bombing” as well as taunts on social media, with little support or training to deal with the issue, a teachi...

The Guardian view on adult education: bring back evening classes

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Something important has been lost in Britain: fra 2009 e 2017, the number of part-time students in higher education fell by 53%. Where once there was a thriving culture of colleges, courses and evening classes, ...