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‘Anything goes’: how 9/11 led to a global security clampdown

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The moment Wahid Sheikh’s life changed forever was broadcast on television to a global audience of millions, including him. Al tempo, it appeared to be happening entirely to others, a long way from his Mumbai home....

UK to pay £55m to French border patrols in migrant clampdown

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The UK taxpayer is to hand over a further €62.7m (£55m) to France to fund another clampdown on small boat crossings across the Channel, the Home Office has revealed. The home Secretary, Priti Patel, agreed to pay the ...

The Didi clampdown marks a sea change in the politics of global investment

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It’s tech, it’s Chinese and it looks a bit like Uber, so it must be hugely valuable. That, we must assume, was the analysis of those US investors who piled into Didi last week as the ride-sharing app listed in New Yor...

‘Shameless’: Texas Republicans lead the charge on voting clampdown

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Texas Republicans are at the vanguard of a national push to curtail voting rights, with lawmakers targeting the voters and policies that helped Democrats make inroads in the 2020 elezione. Texas legislators have intr...

Police watchdog accused of skewing report to back protests clampdown

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Exclusive: Whistleblower claims HMIC decided to support Priti Patel in seeking stronger powers before gathering evidenceThe official policing inspectorate showed repeated bias in favour of the police and against peace...