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Glenn Roeder claimed he was bloody-minded but stayed kind and humble Louise Taylor

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The sudden revving of engines drowned out the conversation and Glenn Roeder leapt from his chair and stared, despairingly, out of the window. As a group of Newcastle’s junior players accelerated out of the adjacent ca...

A historically Black town stood in the way of a pipeline – so developers claimed it was mostly white

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As fracked gas fields in West Virginia boomed over the past decade, energy companies jumped at the chance to build massive new pipelines to move the fuel to neighboring east coast markets. The 600-mile Atlantic Coast ...

Esturión: claimed leak to Salmond has ‘alternative explanation

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Nicola Sturgeon has said there is an “alternative explanation” to claims that her officials gave the name of a woman who had lodged a sexual harassment complaint about Alex Salmond to his former chief of staff in a si...

Cancelar la cultura, afirmó Chrissy Teigen. ¿Es esto una reacción de la pandemia contra las celebridades??

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If you live by the sword you tend to die by the sword. Lo mismo ocurre con las redes sociales, solo pregúntale a Chrissy Teigen. En la última década, the model and cookbook author has risen to dizzying levels of fame by virtue of ...

First year of pandemic claimed lives of 25 youngsters in England

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During the first year of the pandemic 25 children and teenagers died as a direct result of Covid-19 in England and about 6,000 were admitted to hospital, according to the most complete analysis of national data on the...

Streatham terrorist claimed to have changed his ways, investigación contada

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A convicted terrorist who went on a knife rampage in south London that ended with him being shot dead by police told a mentor just days before that he had changed his ways, una investigación ha escuchado. Sudesh Amman, 20, estaba ...

California man charged with killing his children claimed he was ‘enlightened by QAnon’, FBI says

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A California surfing school owner has been charged with killing his two young children after driving them from their home in Santa Barbara to Mexico. During an interview with the FBI, Matthew Taylor Coleman confessed...

Ex-EU auditor claimed expenses for holidays, hunting trips and vineyard

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An auditor of EU finances accused of fraudulently claiming €570,000 in expenses for hunting trips, holidays in Cuba and Switzerland, fuel for his son’s car and the purchase of a vineyard in Burgundy, will lose two-thi...

From taxis to Tokyo, Lauren Price claimed boxing gold the hard way

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Long before Lauren Price became an Olympic gold medallist, outclassing Li Qian of China in the women’s middleweight final in Tokyo, in order to fund her long-held dream of Olympic greatness she would spend her weekend...