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Nagaland killings: rioting as Indian security forces shoot dozen civilians

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Angry villagers who set fire to army vehicles are among more than a dozen civilians killed by soldiers in India’s remote north-east region along the border with Myanmar. An army officer said the soldiers fired at a tr...

Yemen: explosión de bomba cerca del aeropuerto de Adén mata al menos 12 civiles

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Por lo menos 12 civiles han muerto en una explosión cerca del aeropuerto de Adén, la capital provisional del gobierno yemení, dijo un alto funcionario de seguridad a la AFP. También hubo heridos graves, dijo el funcionario, agregando eso ...

Civilians killed in deadliest Kabul attack since US withdrawal

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At least five civilians have been killed in a bomb blast at the entrance to a Kabul mosque on Sunday, a Taliban official said, the deadliest attack in the Afghan capital since US forces left at the end of August. Ther...

Revelado: UK forces linked to deaths of nearly 300 Afghan civilians

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British forces are linked to the deaths of 86 children and more than 200 adult civilians during the Afghanistan conflict, with compensation of just £2,380 paid on average for each life lost, new figures reveal. They a...

Second line of defence: Taiwan’s civilians train to resist invasion

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On a quiet workday morning last week, air raid sirens rang out across Taiwan. The eerie wailing horn would be the first warning to the island’s 23.5 million residents of an incoming attack by their neighbour across th...

LAPD to stop requesting civilians’ social security numbers after backlash

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El departamento de policía de Los Ángeles (LAPD) has moved to end its practice of requesting the social security numbers of civilians officers question, after immigrants’ rights advocates raised concerns about potential viola...

"Trágico error": El Pentágono admite la muerte de un ataque en Kabul 10 civiles - video

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Un ataque con aviones no tripulados estadounidenses en Kabul el mes pasado mató a tantos como 10 civiles, incluyendo hasta siete niños, Gen Frank McKenzie, el jefe del Comando Central, dijo a los periodistas el viernes. Los oficiales superiores habían dicho 29 Agosto s ...

Estados Unidos admite la muerte de un ataque en Kabul 10 civiles y no militantes del Estado Islámico

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Un ataque con aviones no tripulados estadounidenses en Afganistán el mes pasado mató 10 civiles, incluidos siete niños, y no un extremista del Estado Islámico como se afirmó por primera vez, el Pentágono ha admitido. En una sesión informativa el viernes, el comandante de EE. UU. ...

US airstrikes killed at least 22,000 civilians since 9/11, hallazgos de análisis

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US drone and airstrikes have killed at least 22,000 civilians – and perhaps as many as 48,000 – since the 9/11 terrorist attacks in 2001, according to new analysis published by the civilian harm monitoring group Airwa...

Afganistán noticias en vivo: Biden vows revenge for Kabul airport attack that killed 60 civilians and 13 US service members as Islamic State claims responsibility

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Biden says the US will ‘hunt down’ Islamic State leaders responsible; IS claims responsibility for bomb explosions at Kabul airport’s Abbey gate

Ethiopian PM urges civilians to join armed forces as war rages

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The Ethiopian prime minister, Abiy Ahmed, has issued a call for all eligible civilians to join the armed forces as fighting rages in multiple regions of Africa’s second-most populous nation. “Now is the right time for...

Colombian court accuses soldiers of murdering at least 120 civiles

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A Colombian court has accused 10 members of the military and a civilian of forcibly disappearing 24 people and murdering at least 120 civilians and falsely presenting them as guerrilla fighters who had been killed in ...

Assad forces’ shelling in Syria causes 5,000 civilians to flee

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Acerca de 5,000 civilians in the north-west of Syria have been forced to flee their homes after more government shelling targeting the contested area, a local aid agency said. Por lo menos 31 people have died since the beginn...