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Push for civil servants to return to office backfires as DfE runs out of desks

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Downing Street’s demands that civil servants get back to the office has backfired for the Department for Education, where desk shortages have resulted in staff being sent home and others forced to work in “chaotic” co...

Civil servants and No 10 advisers furious over single fine for Boris Johnson

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Civil servants and special advisers have reacted with fury and disbelief after Scotland Yard confirmed Boris Johnson got only one of 126 fines levied for law-breaking parties at the heart of Downing Street and Whiteha...

Civil rights lawyer Crump: investigate Buffalo shooting as domestic terrorism

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A day ahead of Joe Biden’s visit to Buffalo, the leading civil rights attorney Ben Crump said federal officials should define the mass shooting at a grocery store in the city on Saturday as an “act of domestic terrori...

These destructive, vindictive civil service cuts are part of Johnson’s culture wars

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The vast majority of the UK’s 475,000-odd civil servants are sick of political psychodrama, and don’t care exactly when Boris Johnson decides to scuttle off into the gilded obscurity of the panel comedy shows, neolibe...

Staatsdiensvakbond waarsku teen staking oor Boris Johnson se plan om te sny 91,000 werksgeleenthede

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Die grootste staatsdiensvakbond het gewaarsku teen stakingsaksies oor Boris Johnson se “P&O-styl" benadering tot sny 91,000 Whitehall werk, met ministers wat ook poog om personeelafdankingstermyne met tot 'n derde te verminder..

Boris Johnson se posbesnoeiings in die staatsdiens is ambisieus - en ideologies

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Donderdag in Stoke om die lewenskostekrisis te bespreek, Boris Johnson aan sy kabinet gesê: "Mense, ons gaan hierdeur kom … werk, werksgeleenthede, werk is die antwoord.” Net ure later, it emerged that almost one in fiv...

Britse ministers 'kies nommer uit die lug' vir posbesnoeiings in staatsdiens, sê vakbond

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Britse ministers "kies 'n aantal uit die lug" wanneer hulle staatsdienspersoneelteikens stel te midde van berigte dat die regering sy personeeltelling met ongeveer wil verminder 90,000, het die hoof van 'n vakbond gesê. Die eerste minister...

The second American civil war is already happening

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The US supreme court’s upcoming decision to reverse Roe v Wade (an early draft of which was leaked last week) doesn’t ban abortions; it leaves the issue to the states. As gevolg daarvan, it will put another large brick in t...

Overturning Roe v Wade will destroy our civil rights – so don’t ask us to be ‘civil’

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So, this is how our civil rights end, eh? Not with a bang but with a lot of people whimpering about “civility”. Verlede week, the US was rocked by the leak of a draft supreme court opinion signalling the court is ready t...

Civil servants called UK Covid testing scheme ‘unlegit’, hof verhoor

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Civil servants described the government’s Covid testing programme as “unlegit” and “no way to do business” in emails revealed in a high court challenge to the awarding of up to £85m in contracts for antibody tests. Th ...

Modern pentathlon faces civil war over plans to introduce obstacle race

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Obstacle-course racing is close to being named as the new fifth sport in modern pentathlon, replacing equestrianism, in a highly contentious move that opponents warn will plunge the sport deeper into civil war. The Gu...

Married civil servant accused of lacing lover’s drink with abortion drug

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A woman who became pregnant during an affair with a married senior civil servant told a court he looked “very flustered” before preparing a drink for her allegedly spiked with an abortion drug. Darren Burke, 43, a dep...

Burgerregtegroep tel rekords van antisemitiese voorvalle in die VSA

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'n Joodse burgerregte-organisasie se jaarlikse telling van antisemitiese voorvalle in die VSA het verlede jaar 'n rekordhoogtepunt bereik, met 'n oplewing wat saamgeval het met 'n 11 dae lange oorlog tussen Israel en die Hamas-militante groep, ooreenkomste...

Civil service head warns PM against forcing Whitehall workers back to office

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The UK’s top civil servant has privately warned Boris Johnson against forcing government workers back to the office amid growing anger in Whitehall over “scare tactics”, het die voog verneem. Alongside Simon Case,...

‘Condescending’: Jacob Rees-Mogg leaves notes for WFH civil servants

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Jacob Rees-Mogg has been called “condescending” after leaving notes deemed to be passive-aggressive on civil servants’ desks in an effort to stop them working from home. As part of his campaign to push workers back in...

Priti Patel asylum plan ‘not racist or illegal’, civil servants told

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The Home Office’s top civil servant has told thousands of his staff they will not be breaking the law or be guilty of racism if they enforce Priti Patel’s plan to send people with rejected UK asylum claims to Rwanda. ...

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