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Brexit sigue siendo una "herida abierta" para los ciudadanos de la UE que viven en el Reino Unido

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Un estudio de ciudadanos de la UE residentes en Reino Unido revela la “herida abierta” que deja el Brexit, con los encuestados diciendo que la decisión de abandonar el bloque los había dejado sintiéndose traicionados, inseguros y desconfiados hacia el país...

‘It is so easy to lose everything’: tales of poverty, despair and dignity at a Citizens Advice centre

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When Chris Green, CEO of Citizens Advice Southwark, began his career in the 90s, his workload was mostly helping people with consumer issues – faulty appliances and so on. Una vez, he assisted a chef who had been sacked,...

Leeds citizens shame thieves who stole plaque to victim of police racism

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Racists who stole a blue plaque commemorating the death of a British-Nigerian man in Leeds have been “taught a lesson” as citizens overwhelmingly came together to display hundreds of images of the plaque on billboards...

‘Embarrassed to be British’: Brexit study reveals impact on UK citizens in EU

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The first major study since Brexit of UK citizens living in the EU has revealed its profound impact on their lives, with many expressing serious concerns over their loss of free movement and voting rights – and a very...

Australia failing its own citizens held in ‘sordid’ camps in Syria, UN experts say

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United Nations experts have accused Australia of failing to prevent the “sheer obliteration of the rights” of its own citizens including children who are held in “sordid” conditions in camps in north-eastern Syria. En...

As New Zealand emerges from pandemic isolation, citizens queue up to leave

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Alie Benge, escritor, and David Coffey, a mental health worker, were browsing apartment listings in Barcelona and dreaming of a getaway when it hit them. La pareja, ambos 33, had been planning an overseas trip for som...

Kharkiv citizens: ‘They can bomb us for as long as they want: we will withstand it’

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The rubbish collectors in Kharkiv wear flak jackets now. Several of their trucks are peppered with shrapnel holes from shells that landed during their rounds. The bins they empty are packed with the shattered, twisted...

US state legislatures threaten citizens’ rights. We ignore them at our peril

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Hola, y feliz jueves, Since late last year, I have been intensely focused on the frantic efforts by both major parties to put themselves in the best position to win US House races this fall. State-by-state, lawma...

Ukraine renews effort to deliver supplies and evacuate Mariupol citizens

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Ukrainian authorities are making a renewed effort to deliver urgent supplies to and evacuate people from the besieged city of Mariupol, where conditions are desperate and the population is struggling with no power, él...

Macron meets Algerian-born French citizens with one eye on election

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Emmanuel Macron has told representatives of the Pieds Noirs – the Algerian-born French citizens who fled to France after Algerian independence – that a 1962 shooting by French troops against them was “unforgivable for...

Man cleared of killing suspected thief during citizen’s arrest in Bristol

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A man has been cleared of killing a suspected thief who died after he pinned him down and knelt on his back for nine minutes during a citizen’s arrest. Nathan Smith, 38, was accused of using “excessive force” as he re...

The nationality bill makes it clear: some British citizens are more equal than others

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As longstanding human rights campaigners, we are both well acquainted with the harsh realities of inequality and injustice in modern Britain. But the government’s nationality and borders bill – which will be in the co...

Brexit deja a ciudadanos británicos furiosos varados en países de la UE

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Brexit deja a ciudadanos británicos furiosos varados en países de la UE 30 Brexit deja a ciudadanos británicos furiosos varados en países de la UE.

Ciudadanos israelíes atacados por la policía usando el software espía Pegasus, reportar reclamos

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La policía israelí presuntamente realizó interceptaciones telefónicas sin orden judicial de ciudadanos israelíes., incluyendo políticos y activistas, utilizando el controvertido spyware Pegasus del grupo NSO, según una investigación del I...

La reprimenda de Macron a ciudadanos no vacunados genera ira en el parlamento

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Emmanuel Macron enfrentó críticas de opositores políticos y escenas acaloradas en el parlamento el miércoles después de dar una advertencia deliberadamente provocativa a los franceses no vacunados., diciendo que haría sus vidas como ....

UK ministers eager to ease immigration rules for Indian citizens

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Ministers are keen to ease immigration restrictions in a bid to make it easier for thousands of Indian citizens to live and work in the UK as part of forthcoming trade talks. The potential offer will be under discussi...

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