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La hija de Duke cita "problemas de flujo de caja" para reducir la multa por exceso de velocidad a la mitad a £ 50

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La hija de la alta sociedad del duque de Rutland fue multada con solo £ 50 por exceso de velocidad, la mitad del mínimo normal, después de que ella afirmó que pagar una multa causaría sus "problemas de flujo de caja".. Eliza Manners fue atrapada haciendo 47 mph en un ....

Gareth Southgate cites ‘total control’ of Poland for stubborn England tactics

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Gareth Southgate defended his decision not to make any substitutions after England conceded a last-minute equaliser in their World Cup qualifier against Poland on Wednesday night. England looked poised to take another...

Colombians mourn after deadly protests as Amnesty cites ‘unlawful repression’

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Nicolás Guerrero, a 26-year-old artist from the Colombian city of Cali, took to the streets on 2 May to protest against the lack of opportunities he saw in his country. He had started a family in Spain that he had hop...

Kyrie Irving cites ‘underlying racism’ after fan arrested for throwing bottle

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Kyrie Irving says banning fans who mistreat NBA players won’t solve the problem. It goes much deeper than that. "[Su] just underlying racism, and treating people like they’re in a human zoo,” Irving said after a wat...

EU cites ‘anti-vaccine campaign’ as reason to toughen social media code

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A “massive anti-vaccination campaign” has been cited by the European Commission as a reason for social media platforms to intensify their factchecking and revise the internal algorithms that can amplify disinformation...

US cites Indian variant in implementing travel ban from Tuesday

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Most travelers from India will be prohibited from entering the US from Tuesday, as the country struggles to contain a catastrophic surge in Covid-19 cases and a new virus variant. Under the travel ban announced by Jo...

‘Blue Lives Matter’: Ex-Yankee Damon cites support for Trump during DUI arrest

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Two-time World Series champion Johnny Damon suggested he has been targeted for his political views during video of his arrest for DUI.The 47-year-old was stopped last month near his home in Windermere, Florida, después ...