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Lost in La Mancha review – landmark doc of Terry Gilliam’s cinematic nightmare

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The creative heroism of Terry Gilliam is saluted once again in this 20-year-anniversary rerelease of Lost in La Mancha, the documentary by Keith Fulton and Louis Pepe about Gilliam’s incredible ordeal in the late 90s ...

Is the Marvel Cinematic Universe lost in space?

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With the news dominated by seemingly omniscient beings refusing to act against the greatest challenge facing planet Earth, what better time for the Marvel Cinematic Universe to introduce its cosmic counterparts? Indee...

Guardians of the Galaxy-resensie - filmavontuur wat deur vervelige spel ontsier is

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'n Tiener se slaapkamer een of ander tyd in die 1980's. 'n Seun luister na sy gunstelinggroep wanneer sy ma sy kamer binnegaan vir 'n hart-tot-hart. 'n Baie normale situasie, net dat hierdie seun Peter Quill is, en dit is die m...

He’s back … yet again: why death in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is overrated

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Remember the infamous trailer for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker in which ghostly Luke muttered those not-so immortal words: “No one’s ever really gone”? It turned out to be a pretty big clue for the almighty disast...

How I learned to stop worrying and enjoy the Marvel Cinematic Universe

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I devoured 20 of the films in a month-long frenzy. But I can’t quite shake off the guilt that comes with this guilty pleasureI started England’s second lockdown last year with good intentions: I was broke and underemp...