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Parish churches have been living on a prayer

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Your timely leader on church closures (26 ottobre) raises one red herring and ignores the most crucial issue. “One priest, one parish” ended decades ago in the countryside, yet a modified parish network has still been...

‘Don’t pass Catholic churches’: protests as Glasgow braces for Orange walks

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Campaigners against anti-Catholic bigotry and anti-Irish discrimination will gather in protest around vulnerable churches on Saturday, as Glasgow braces itself for the largest gathering of Orange marchers since the pa...

Two Catholic churches destroyed by fire on First Nations reserves in Canada

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Two Catholic churches on First Nations reserves in western Canada have been destroyed by overnight fires that investigators are treating as suspicious. Early Monday morning, fires consumed both the Sacred Heart church...

Glasgow churches subjected to anti-Catholic abuse after Rangers win

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A number of churches in and around Glasgow were subject to vandalism and anti-Catholic abuse over the weekend, il Guardian ha imparato, as Rangers supporters rampaged through the city centre on Saturday. Windows were...

Remove or alter your slavery monuments, churches are told

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The Church of England is to review thousands of monuments in churches and cathedrals across the country that contain historical references to slavery and colonialism, with some expected to be removed. Guidance to be i...

Pope Francis visits churches destroyed by Isis in northern Iraq

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Pope Francis arrived in northern Iraq on Sunday, to pray in the ruins of churches damaged or destroyed by Islamic State extremists and celebrate an open-air mass on the last day of the first-ever papal visit to the co...