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Alaska man found clinging to ice chunk after frozen shoreline breaks off

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An Alaska man walking on a shoreline wound up clinging to a chunk of ice for more than 30 minutes in frigid water when the shoreline ice broke loose and carried him out into Cook Inlet. Jamie Snedden, 45, of Homer, wa...

Green Bay ice break: 27 rescued after chunk separates from Wisconsin shore

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Authorities rescued 27 people from a floating chunk of ice that broke away from shore in the bay of Green Bay in eastern Wisconsin, a sheriff’s office said. No injuries were reported in the incident that happened on ...

Benjamina Ebuehi’s recipe for chocolate chunk black pepper cookies

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Incorporating spices traditionally used for savoury baking into sweet things is a wonderful way to jazz up old favourites, and create something a little more unexpected. I’ve got so many variations of these shortbread...

Rare meteorite chunk traced by scientists to Gloucestershire driveway

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‘Dream come true’ to locate first carbonaceous chondrite seen in UK, part of fireball that caused sonic boom A lump of a rare meteorite that lit up the night sky over the UK and northern Europe last week has been reco...