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Drinking coffee may cut risk of chronic liver disease, studie suggereer

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From espresso to instant, coffee is part of the daily routine for millions. Now research suggests the brew could be linked to a lower chance of developing or dying from chronic liver disease. Chronic liver disease is ...

What is chronic pain and how does it work? - video -verduideliker

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For years people with conditions such as fibromyalgia or bad back pain – to name just two – have been told the pain is all in their head. With no obvious physical symptoms, nociplastic pain can be difficult to diagnos...

Fibromyalgia and treating chronic pain

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Since she was a teenager Nikki Marshall remembers having painful periods and for decades has received treatments for a variety of chronic pain conditions, including fibromyalgia, endometriosis and migraine. But it’s o...

I suffer from three chronic conditions. The worst part is knowing my pain could have been prevented

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One summer’s day in 2009, ek was 17 and on a beach holiday with friends when I was struck very suddenly by a stabbing pain in my abdomen. In die 12 years since, it has never gone away. The pain was so bad that I was ad...

The chronic stress survival guide: how to live with the anxiety and grief you can’t escape

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At a time when all life’s challenges have been amplified by the pandemic – and awareness of burnout, at home and at work, has never been higher – stress might seem to be our baseline condition. For most of us, these p...

How do I overcome chronic indecision and make progress with my life?

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How do I overcome chronic indecision and make progress with my life? Important decisions which usually involve either a time commitment or considerable investment evoke feelings of anxiety and a fear that I will make ...

Native American groups capitalize on record donations to confront chronic hardship

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Leaders of non-profit organizations serving Native American communities in the US say they have been inundated with unprecedented financial support over the course of the Covid-19 pandemic. Native Americans are three ...

'Chroniese' gebrek aan belegging in Britse laerskoolbiblioteke aan die lig gebring

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Daar is 'n "chroniese" gebrek aan belegging in laerskoolbiblioteke in die VK, met onderwysers wat dikwels gedwing word om leesmateriaal vir kinders met hul eie geld te koop, volgens 'n nuwe studie. Maar 'n alliansie tussen t...