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Christopher Geidt: ex-royal aide well equipped for Downing Street test

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Few other political figures might be better equipped than Christopher Geidt for the role of No 10’s new independent adviser on ministerial standards. After Simon Case, a former private secretary to Prince William, too...

Christopher Abbott on life after Girls: ‘There’s something romantic about making movies’

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“Gabe?” asks Christopher Abbott, and for a moment across the screen he looks befuddled. Then the penny drops: “Gabe, the name of the character?” He laughs. “I was like: ‘Who’s Gabe!’ I should know! It’s been a while …...

‘Wife No 5 is the last’: Back to the Future’s Christopher Lloyd on love and life

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It seems appropriate for a man whose most famous role had him struggling with the nature of time that Christopher Lloyd arrives for our interview half an hour late and somewhat flustered. He had been under the impress...

Christopher Kane: ‘The fashion world needs to change’

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I stopped reading reviews years ago. They are so reductive. I do what I do for myself. I don’t care about anyone else. No one else put me through art college, no one else built my business. It was always just me and m...

FBI director Christopher Wray to testify over Capitol insurrection – live updates

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Senate judiciary committee will quiz FBI chief who previously warned of threat posed by domestic extremists

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