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‘Wife No 5 is the last’: Back to the Future’s Christopher Lloyd on love and life

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It seems appropriate for a man whose most famous role had him struggling with the nature of time that Christopher Lloyd arrives for our interview half an hour late and somewhat flustered. He had been under the impress...

Boris Johnson’s outdone Henry VIII in having his third marriage blessed by the Catholic church

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The prime minister’s marriage to Carrie Symonds in Westminster Cathedral has left many Catholics with a question. If the mother church of the Catholic church in England and Wales can kill the fatted calf and welcome t...

Bryant & May author Christopher Fowler: ‘Writing the end was really emotional’

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Christopher Fowler is picking at a healthy-looking bowl of protein and veggies. “I don’t have much appetite these days.” For the last two years he has been having cancer treatment, but remains upbeat. Lunch over, we m...

Christopher Abbott on life after Girls: ‘There’s something romantic about making movies’

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“Gabe?” asks Christopher Abbott, and for a moment across the screen he looks befuddled. Then the penny drops: “Gabe, the name of the character?” He laughs. “I was like: ‘Who’s Gabe!’ I should know! It’s been a while …...

Christopher Alexander obituary

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The architect Christopher Alexander, quien ha muerto envejecido 85, saw buildings and cities as living frameworks for human beings. Through designing, edificio, teaching and writing, he sought “to provide a complete working al...

Christopher Eccleston: ‘I am anything but macho’

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My first memory is cycling to the top of the path outside my childhood home, on a yellow kids’ bike with fat grey tyres. I turned on to the road and said aloud: “I’m me, doing this, now.” I was heading away from the h...

Christopher Geidt: ex-royal aide well equipped for Downing Street test

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Few other political figures might be better equipped than Christopher Geidt for the role of No 10’s new independent adviser on ministerial standards. After Simon Case, a former private secretary to Prince William, too...

Christopher Kane: ‘The fashion world needs to change’

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I stopped reading reviews years ago. They are so reductive. I do what I do for myself. I don’t care about anyone else. No one else put me through art college, no one else built my business. It was always just me and m...

Christopher Luxon está fuera de sintonía con la mayoría de los neozelandeses: ¿puede realmente desafiar a Ardern??

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En el final, la fiesta de los negocios eligió al empresario. El exlíder del Partido Nacional Simon Bridges está fuera, nuevamente, y el exdirector ejecutivo de Air New Zealand y diputado por Botany, Christopher Luxon, es en. En retrospectiva ....

Christopher Nolan to make drama about the ‘father of the atomic bomb’

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Christopher Nolan has confirmed that his next film will be a drama about the development of the atomic bomb. In a deviation from his work with Warner Bros, the director will head to Universal Pictures for the drama wh...

Christopher Walken: ‘I got a job as a lion tamer. Who’s going to turn that down?"

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In between his early days as a lion tamer and his latest turn as an old lag doing community service in Bristol, Christopher Walken was Hollywood’s go-to guy for disturbed individuals. He was never quite as deranged as...

Close to Me review - Christopher Eccleston despierta sospechas en un delicioso y oscuro reloj compulsivo

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Muévete tierra adentro, gente. Ese es mi consejo, si no quieres ser asesinado (o casi asesinado). Las ciudades costeras son ahora los lugares más peligrosos de la televisión. Culpo a Broadchurch sobre todo, aunque podría decirse que la podredumbre se estableció en w ...

Close to Me review – Christopher Eccleston’s hairdo says it all in amnesia thriller’s finale

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‘You set fire to a cat,” Jo’s father tells her. Frederik is lying in bed at a Hastings care home, recalling what his now middle-aged daughter got up to during her Danish childhood. But did she? In Close to Me (Channel...

FBI director Christopher Wray to testify over Capitol insurrection – live updates

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Senate judiciary committee will quiz FBI chief who previously warned of threat posed by domestic extremists

Funeral of DUP’s Christopher Stalford attended by all main parties

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Mourners from across the political spectrum gathered in Belfast on Saturday for the funeral service of DUP MLA Christopher Stalford. The DUP leader Sir Jeffrey Donaldson, alongside party MPs and MLAs (Members of the L...

Percy vs Goliath review – Christopher Walken battles Big Agriculture

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A dispute between a Canadian farmer and an agribusiness behemoth over intellectual property rights might sound a trifle dull, but Percy vs Goliath just goes to show casting can make all the difference. That’s not to s...

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