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Who is New Zealand’s new opposition leader Christopher Luxon?

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New Zealand has a new leader for its opposition, and – the party hopes – a new challenger to the enduring popularity of Labour’s Jacinda Ardern. The National party is pinning its hopes on Christopher Luxon, a former a...

What links Frank Sinatra, Christopher Lee and Steve Martin? El cuestionario del fin de semana

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1 Which London terminus is named after a prime minister?2 Which film boosted US sales of pinot noir wine?3 What was blocked in March by Ever Given?4 Which rodents’ migrations were mistaken for mass suicide?5 The Troja...

What I learned visiting Alaska’s only maximum-security prison

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Having spent two and a half years in prison by the time I was 26, I never thought I’d be invited to Alaska’s only maximum-security prison 10 años después. But on 20 septiembre 2019, I received a phone call from Spring C...

Veteran objecter: Christopher Chope’s history of dissent in the Commons

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Conservative MPs have turned their ire on a colleague, Christopher Chope, for prolonging the sleaze scandal engulfing the party by blocking the ratification of a report that found another backbencher breached lobbying...

TV esta noche: Christopher Walken se deleita con su primer papel principal en la televisión británica

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"La fiesta no comienza hasta que yo Walken". Nunca un meme ha probado ser tan cierto, con el debut televisivo británico de Christopher Walken como un estafador carismático en la nueva comedia dramática de Stephen Merchant sobre un grupo de siete supos ...

Tributes paid to DUP politician Christopher Stalford, who has died at 39

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Tributes from across Northern Ireland’s political divide have been paid to Christopher Stalford, a Democratic Unionist party member of the Northern Ireland assembly who has died suddenly at the age of 39. The DUP lead...

Sir Christopher Mallaby obituary

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For the first mile or so Christopher Mallaby walked and stumbled through a maze of British rocks and puddles into the still raw and unfinished Channel tunnel. Then he got on to a makeshift buggy for the next 35 miles....

Putting the dark into DC: what would Christopher Nolan’s Extended Universe have looked like?

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It’s fantasy film-maker time. Imagine for a moment that the entire DC Extended Universe (not to mention the myriad spin-offs) had not begun with 2013’s Man of Steel after all. Imagine if it had begun eight years earli...

Playtime in the Congo: Michael Christopher Brown’s best phone picture

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Durante años, Michael Christopher Brown had noticed the planes from the road leading to the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s Goma airport. From his first visit in August 2012, they drew his gaze like a magnet, abandone...

Percy vs Goliath review – Christopher Walken battles Big Agriculture

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A dispute between a Canadian farmer and an agribusiness behemoth over intellectual property rights might sound a trifle dull, but Percy vs Goliath just goes to show casting can make all the difference. That’s not to s...

Funeral of DUP’s Christopher Stalford attended by all main parties

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Mourners from across the political spectrum gathered in Belfast on Saturday for the funeral service of DUP MLA Christopher Stalford. The DUP leader Sir Jeffrey Donaldson, alongside party MPs and MLAs (Members of the L...

FBI director Christopher Wray to testify over Capitol insurrection – live updates

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Senate judiciary committee will quiz FBI chief who previously warned of threat posed by domestic extremists

Close to Me review – Christopher Eccleston’s hairdo says it all in amnesia thriller’s finale

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‘You set fire to a cat,” Jo’s father tells her. Frederik is lying in bed at a Hastings care home, recalling what his now middle-aged daughter got up to during her Danish childhood. But did she? In Close to Me (Channel...

Close to Me review - Christopher Eccleston despierta sospechas en un delicioso y oscuro reloj compulsivo

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Muévete tierra adentro, gente. Ese es mi consejo, si no quieres ser asesinado (o casi asesinado). Las ciudades costeras son ahora los lugares más peligrosos de la televisión. Culpo a Broadchurch sobre todo, aunque podría decirse que la podredumbre se estableció en w ...

Christopher Wheeldon: ‘Most boys at ballet school were closeted, terrified our parents would disown us’

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One weekend in the early 1990s on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, 19-year-old dancer Christopher Wheeldon found himself at a loose end. He had recently moved from London to join New York City Ballet. “I hadn’t really mad...

Christopher Walken: ‘I got a job as a lion tamer. Who’s going to turn that down?"

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In between his early days as a lion tamer and his latest turn as an old lag doing community service in Bristol, Christopher Walken was Hollywood’s go-to guy for disturbed individuals. He was never quite as deranged as...

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