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Extinction obituary: the sudden, sad disappearance of the Christmas Island forest skink

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The last Christmas Island forest skink was named Gump. She lived in a spacious cage filled with rocks, soil, logs and a ready supply of fresh invertebrate food in the island’s national park. She wasn’t particularly ac...

DUP om Boris Johnson te waarsku dit sal kragdeling tot Kersfees staak

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Die Demokratiese Unioniste-party gaan 'n dringende vergadering met Boris Johnson soek om hom te waarsku dat dit tot Kersfees magsdeling by Stormont sal staak as die Noord-Ierland-protokol nie gewysig word nie. 'n Senior partyfiguur...

Paul Kelly song How to Make Gravy to be adapted into a Christmas film

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Paul Kelly’s How to Make Gravy, a much-loved Australian song about a man in prison writing home to his brother at Christmas time, is to be adapted into a film. Variety reported on Thursday that Warner Bros Australia, ...

die “no-fault divorce”-wet tree in Engeland en Wallis in werking

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die “no-fault divorce”-wet tree in Engeland en Wallis in werking, die “no-fault divorce”-wet tree in Engeland en Wallis in werking, die “no-fault divorce”-wet tree in Engeland en Wallis in werking. Die 67-jarige vrou is deur personeel by 'n kruidenierswinkel in ca..

‘One last Christmas’: after six decades together Covid claims husband and wife in same week

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From the moment they met to their final days in hospital together, Jeannette and Michael Ryan’s relationship was a love story. For six decades they were dedicated to each other, and both tested positive to Covid-19 on...

Christmas shoppers cracked out the nuts, says Hotel Chocolat

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Chocoholics went nuts for nuts this Christmas and avoided novelty chocolates, according to the boss of Hotel Chocolat. Hazelnuts, pistachios, peanut butter and pecan-based chocolates were hugely popular over the festi...

Why am I getting Christmas cards in January? Royal Mail under fire for long delays

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In the market town of Amersham on the edge of the Chilterns in Buckinghamshire, Christmas seemed to arrive a bit late this year. Families complained that they did not get their usual flurry of cards dropping on their ...

Dames in distress: Britain’s theatres count cost of Christmas wrecked by Covid

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As panto season draws to an end, Britain’s theatres are counting the cost of another Christmas wrecked by Covid, with cancelled shows decimating income during a traditionally lucrative period. York Theatre Royal’s Cin...

EU parliament president David Sassoli’s Christmas message, the last before his death – video

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David Sassoli, the president of the European parliament, is op die ouderdom van 65, his spokesperson has said, after a serious illness for which he was hospitalised for more than two weeks. In Desember, Sassoli posted...

Punte & Spencer and Tesco enjoy strong Christmas

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Punte & Spencer and Tesco enjoyed a strong Christmas trading period, partly as the rapid spread of Omicron prompted people to eat and drink more at home instead of heading out to restaurants and pubs. M&S, wat...

Inflasie voeg £15 by Brittanje se Kersfees-kruideniersware-rekeninge

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Kopers in Brittanje moes meer betaal vir hul Kersfees-kruideniersware namate prysinflasie toegeneem het 3.5% in Desember, volgens kleinhandelbedryfsyfers wat 'n skerp styging in die prys van beesvleis getoon het, hartige versnaperinge en s...

I was feeling smug reading about the odd ways people injured themselves – until I remembered the explosion at our Christmas dinner

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The start of January is not a boom time for lifestyle statistics. It’s all resolutions and intentions, all inputs, no outputs. But it’s a great time, thanks to NHS Digital and the Royal Society for the Prevention of A...

UK Covid test distributor shut for Christmas after receiving 2.5m kits

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The sole distributor of Covid lateral flow tests (LFTs) to pharmacies closed for four days over the Christmas period just as it received a delivery of 2.5m devices, dit het na vore gekom. Alliance Healthcare took delivery of...

Attenborough and the Mammoth Graveyard review – a true Christmas miracle

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After decades of fossil hunting in their spare time (he wooed her with two halves of an ancient beast’s vertebrae; they cut their wedding cake with a Neanderthal handaxe they had unearthed together), Sally and Neville...

Now Christmas is over, how bad is the Omicron situation in the UK?

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Public holidays are notoriously difficult for epidemiologists – people may avoid or delay both testing and hospital visits, making for slightly unreliable numbers. But some things are still clear from the latest Covid...

UK pubs, bars and restaurants lost £10,000 each in week before Christmas

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Kroeë, bars and restaurants missed out on more than £10,000 each in the week leading up to Christmas, syfers toon, as concern about the Omicron variant and government guidance to work from home ruined the crucial fest...

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