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Buffalo might never have happened if online hate had been tackled after Christchurch

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Americans are facing another tragedy – this time in Buffalo – as 11 Black and two white victims were shot in a “racially motivated hate crime” suspected to have been perpetrated by a young man who spent much of his li...

Christchurch attack inquiry to examine if Australian terrorist was radicalised online

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The online activities of the Australian white supremacist who opened fire on two New Zealand mosques – and how much of a role social media and internet platforms played in his radicalisation – will form part of a coro...

Muslims in Australia experienced surge of hate after Christchurch massacre, report reveals

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The Christchurch massacre triggered a surge of hate towards Muslim people in Australia, with women the vast majority of victims, 'n verslag gevind het. The Islamophobia Register Australia (IRA) recorded a fourfold increa...

I was shot nine times in the Christchurch massacre – now I’m reclaiming the terrorist’s journey

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Last year at the memorial event for the terrorist attack, I gave a speech where I talked about my memories of the youngest victim of 15 Maart, Mucaad, who was three years old. Remembering those details really affected...

New Zealand honours ‘extraordinary’ bravery of 10 during Christchurch attacks

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Ten people who risked their lives to save others during the 2019 Christchurch mosque massacres have been honoured in New Zealand’s most prestigious bravery awards. “The courage demonstrated by these New Zealanders was...

Christchurch mosque shooter claims guilty plea obtained under duress, expected to appeal

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The Christchurch mosque terrorist has filed complaints alleging that his treatment in New Zealand custody – including the refusal to refer to him by name – constituted a violation of his human rights, and that his gui...

Facebook trained its AI to block violent live streams after Christchurch attacks

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Facebook trained its artificial intelligence systems to detect and block any future attempt to livestream a shooting spree with “police/military body cams footage,” and other violent material, in the aftermath of the ...

Christchurch airport evacuated over suspicious item

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Christchurch airport has been evacuated after a suspicious item was found inside the domestic terminal. An airport spokesperson said an item of interest was found at about 8am on Thursday but “no threats had been made...

They Are Us: controversial film about Christchurch attacks put on hold

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Work on the controversial film They Are Us, which dramatises the 15 March Christchurch mosque shootings, has been put on hold. The film takes its name from a phrase in a speech made by prime minister Jacinda Ardern fo...

UK man jailed for sharing extremist videos, including Christchurch attack

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A British man has been jailed for terrorism offences after sharing explosives manuals and extremist videos, including one apparently celebrating the New Zealand mosque massacres, on rightwing chat groups. Michael Nuge...

Christchurch attacks: producer resigns from film They Are Us as criticism grows

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A producer for a controversial Hollywood film depicting Jacinda Ardern’s response to the Christchurch terror attacks has resigned from the project after criticisms that it sidelined Muslim victims. The premise of the ...

Christchurch massacre: move to make film all about Ardern triggers anger

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Plans for a Hollywood film focusing on prime minister Jacinda Ardern’s response to the Christchurch mosque terror attacks have prompted frustration and disgust in New Zealand, with accusations that Muslim victims have...

Christchurch terrorist drops legal challenge over New Zealand prison conditions

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The gunman who killed 51 people in the 2019 Christchurch mosque attacks has reportedly dropped legal challenges over his prison conditions and his status as a “terrorist entity”. A document released by Justice Geoffre...

Christchurch terrorist chooses not to attend court to launch his own legal challenge

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The Christchurch terrorist who said he wanted to take the government to court over a lack of access to news and letters in jail and his designation as a terrorist entity has failed to attend the first court hearing o...

Christchurch mosque terrorist to launch legal challenge in New Zealand high court

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The Australian man who carried out the Christchurch mosque massacres is launching a legal challenge against his jail conditions in the New Zealand high court. Brenton Tarrant, who was last year sentenced to life impri...

Christchurch: Skatte ontstaan ​​uit katedraalruïnes, 10 jare na aardbewing

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Tien jaar na Christchurch se verwoestende aardbewing, die Katolieke bisdom het ontdek dat daar 'n paar engele ontbreek. Terwyl die werk voortgaan om die katedraal van die salige sakrament op Barbadoes St. te dekonstrueer..

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