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Cancelar la cultura, afirmó Chrissy Teigen. ¿Es esto una reacción de la pandemia contra las celebridades??

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If you live by the sword you tend to die by the sword. Lo mismo ocurre con las redes sociales, solo pregúntale a Chrissy Teigen. En la última década, the model and cookbook author has risen to dizzying levels of fame by virtue of ...

Could Chrissy Teigen just try sending a text next time?

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En 2018, the New Republic deputy editor Katie McDonough wrote a piece for Jezebel that I spiritually consult to this day. (Full disclosure: I was a Jezebel contributor at the time.) “Why tweet when you can text?” she ...

Chrissy Teigen leaves Twitter, citing abuse and hate on the platform

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Chrissy Teigen said goodbye to her 13.7 million Twitter followers on Wednesday night in a series of posts acknowledging the abuse and hatred on the platform. “Hey. For over 10 años, you guys have been my world. I hon...