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Tory donor John Booth handed leading role in choosing arts and media honours

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A Tory donor has been handed a prominent role at the heart of the UK’s honours system, l'Osservatore può rivelare. In a move that provoked immediate claims of political interference, John Booth, a venture capital investo...

Lyon’s Catarina Macario: ‘Choosing Europe was for moments like this’

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The journey of the striker Catarina Macario from the Brazilian city of São Luís to a first Champions League final with the seven-times winners Lyon has been long but not surprising to those familiar with her remarkabl...

Messages on menus can double number of diners choosing plant-based options

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Simple changes to messages on restaurants’ menus can double the frequency of customers choosing plant-based options instead of meat, research on the impact of food on the climate crisis has found. The production, tran...

To the family choosing whether to heat or eat, the energy cap isn’t ‘fair’ at all

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When the nights begin to draw in this winter, millions of homes across the country will find themselves left out in the cold thanks to a looming energy price surge. Già, 3 million UK households are struggling to p...

John Oliver on reparations: ‘A wound we are actively choosing not to heal’

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John Oliver revisited a history of housing discrimination in the US and how the wealth of black people has been affected by harmful policies. The Last Week Tonight host started by referring to the “many horrifying ch...