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Montreal Canadiens choose player with 31st pick who asked not to be drafted

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The Montreal Canadiens stunned the rest of the NHL on Friday night by taking Logan Mailloux with the second-to-last pick in the first round of the draft. Mailloux, who was criminally convicted in Sweden last year for ...

US domestic travelers could choose low-emission flights – if data was available

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Commercial flying is a real carbon bomb as emissions from commercial aviation are growing rapidly and are on track to triple by 2050, when they could make up about a quarter of the global carbon budget. But now a new ...

Notizie dal vivo su Covid nel Regno Unito: minister stresses people pinged by NHS app can choose not to isolate

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Ultimi aggiornamenti: business minister says instruction to isolate from NHS test and trace is legal requirement, but ping from the app is just advisory

If you’re going to put your preschooler in front of a screen, choose a TV. Here’s why

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For her first few years of life, my daughter Ella likely thought the television played a single piece of content: il 1993 version of George Balanchine’s Nutcracker, starring as the title role one Macaulay Culkin, who...

Asda to let head office staff choose where they work

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Asda will allow its 4,000 head office staff to choose where they work when lockdown measures are lifted, with options to remain at home, return to the office, or opt for an alternative location such as one of the reta...

German Greens choose moderate path in bid to reignite election hopes

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The leaders of Germany’s Greens will resist a push by party activists this weekend to adopt more ambitious climate policies, balancing their ecologist message with care to ensure poorer voters are not left out of pock...

South Carolina: new law makes inmates choose firing squad or electric chair

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The governor of South Carolina, Henry McMaster, has quietly signed into law a bill that requires inmates on death row to choose between a firing squad or the electric chair if lethal injection is not available. The la...

How to choose picnic wines to please a crowd

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It struck me the other day how strange it is that we say to friends we’re having round for dinner, “Is there anything you can’t eat?” yet we rarely ask them if there’s anything they don’t drink. Or even if they’re dri...