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Por lo menos 13 phone firms hit by suspected Chinese hackers since 2019, dicen expertos

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Por lo menos 13 phone companies around the world have been compromised since 2019 by sophisticated hackers who are believed to come from China, a cybersecurity expert group has said. The roaming hackers – known as LightBa...

Chinese effort to gather ‘micro clues’ on Uyghurs laid bare in report

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Authorities in the Chinese region of Xinjiang are using predictive policing and human surveillance to gather “micro clues” about Uyghurs and empower neighbourhood informants to ensure compliance at every level of soci...

Drop Chinese investments, MPs and peers tell parliament’s pension fund

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A cross-party group of more than 137 parliamentarians, incluso 117 MPs, have called on parliament’s pension fund to disinvest from Chinese companies accused of complicity in gross human rights violations or institut...

Chinese military condemns US and Canada over warships in Taiwan Strait

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The Chinese military has condemned the United States and Canada for each sending a warship through the Taiwan Strait last week, saying they were threatening peace and stability in the region. China claims democratical...

Chinese astronauts arrive at space station for longest mission

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Three astronauts successfully docked with China’s new space station, state media said, on what is set to be Beijing’s longest crewed mission to date and the latest landmark in its drive to become a major space power. ...

Chinese football in doldrums as clubs struggle and World Cup dream fades

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It did not go unnoticed in China that on Saturday Rafael Benítez led Everton to a point at Manchester United and a day later Bruno Génésio’s Rennes defeated Paris Saint-Germain. En Enero, they were working in the Ch...

Taiwán informa que registran incursiones chinas en su zona de defensa aérea

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China envió un número récord de aviones militares a la zona de defensa aérea de Taiwán el lunes., el cuarto día consecutivo de tales incursiones aéreas por parte de Beijing en medio de crecientes temores de una mayor escalada. Ministerio de Defensa de Taiwán..

Chinese planes fly over Taiwan defence zone in second day of record show of force

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China has for the second day in a row flown more than 30 military planes towards Taiwan in yet another record show of force. Taiwan’s defence ministry said 39 aircraft entered Taiwan’s air defence identification zone ...

Chinese ex-official on trial for corruption as Xi Jinping’s purge continues

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A former senior Chinese official has been accused of a raft of corruption offences, expelled from the Communist party and put on trial, in the latest case in a purge led by leader Xi Jinping. After a 17-month investig...

American siblings return home after three years under Chinese ‘exit ban’

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Two American siblings prevented from leaving China since 2018 have returned to the United States, their release coming shortly after the United States ended a legal case against a top Huawei executive. Cynthia and Vic...

Embajador chino en Reino Unido excluido del parlamento británico

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El nuevo embajador chino en el Reino Unido ha sido excluido del parlamento por los Presidentes de los Comunes y los Lores después de la imposición de sanciones a los parlamentarios británicos por parte de Beijing.. El nuevo embajador, Zheng Zeguang, se debió a ...

La herencia china de Emma Raducanu es elogiada por los medios estatales de China

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Los medios estatales chinos han dicho que el "estilo chino de fe interior" le dio a la jugadora británica Emma Raducanu la confianza para ganar el Abierto de Estados Unidos durante el fin de semana., pero algunos de los usuarios de Internet del país preguntaron: porque estamos llamando ...

Chinese celebrities warned over morality in cultural crackdown

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Attendees of a Chinese entertainment industry symposium have been told to ensure they act with morality in both public and private, amid an intensive government crackdown on cultural sectors. The meeting on Tuesday in...

Chinese university appears to ask for lists of LGBTQ+ students for ‘investigation’

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A well-known Chinese university appears to have asked its colleges to make lists of their LGBTQ+ students and report on their “state of mind”, according to a purported internal directive published online on both Chine...

Chinese ‘crackdown’ on tech IPOs could lead to US share delistings, experts warn

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Some of China’s most valuable public companies could abandon their American stock listings within months, los expertos han advertido, after reports emerged that Beijing is planning a wider crackdown on tech companies going p...

Chinese president vows to ‘adjust excessive incomes’ of super rich

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China’s president has vowed to “adjust excessive incomes” in a warning to the country’s super-rich that the state plans to redistribute wealth to tackle widening inequality. According to reports in state media, Xi Jin...

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